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After three kids, I am proud to admit that I can own my issues with little leaks that can happen to me at the worst times. I have talked about this issue in the past and it seems, no matter how many times I go to the restroom, or how much I try to ‘work out’ the area, I still get those embarrassing leaks that can sideline me in an instant! The worst time for this to happen is while exercising! So when the founder of JustGoGirl! Pads, Brooke Solis, talked about her own issues, especially when she exercises, I was all ears!

JustGoGirl! Exercise Pads

JustGoGirl! is not your regular incontinence pad. It is specifically designed for those of us who like to get up and do! Walking, running, tennis, Jazzercise… whatever it is; we want to feel confident that those leaks during our exercise routine don’t have us running to the locker room with a red face.

It has happened to me, I know. Other pads I have tried are great, but are a little too bulky for cute work out pants and bulk up during movement, making them hard to wear!

The other day, I wanted to take my dogs on their walk but I wanted to add some sprints into the routine as well. Instead of my usual pad – or worst yet, a period pad – I tried the JustGoGirl! specially designed pad that is specially made NOT to reveal that you are wearing a pad from behind.

JustGoGirl! Pads

I was so excited to see that the bulk of the pad is right where you need it, and the rest is simple there to hold it in place. Thick and square at the front, the ‘tail’ is slim and easily fits into your undergarment.  Because it is narrow at the hind area, there is no bulky pad or lines to show through your favorite work out pants that will reveal your secret!

But the most important thing is that, during my walk and sprints, it stayed in place and absorbed the little leaks that I experience while being active!

Check out the JustGoGirl! website for more product information and even more personal testimony! Feel great when you work out despite those lovely lady leaks!

JustGoGirl! Pad


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