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Just Right by Purina is Jack's favorite food!

There is something so very cool about opening a box from Purina to see your beloved dog’s face on their bag! Well, the fact that the personalized food is specifically made for One Eyed Jack is a close second.  Just Right by Purina gives us both thrills and, after almost 5 months of feeding it to my beloved Jack, I am excited to stick with the program, as they say! Jack is BACK and this happy little rescue Beagle is anxious to share all of his adventures with his friends!

Just Right by Purina keeps Jack full of energy

Jack is a very special dog in my pack. Well, truth be told, ALL of my four dogs hold a very special place in my heart. But Jack, well, this little one eyed Wonder came along as a one year old to me out of foster care. He has just had his left eye removed and was desperate for a loving family. I saw him on the Houston Beagle Rescue site and had to have him as the third addition to our dog pack. My thinking was that, with three kids, they would all have their own dog.

Jack's picture is on Just Right by Purina

Of course, this year I added sweet little feral, Joy, so now we ALL have a dog of our own! Oye…

Jack and Joy need energy. Just Right by Purina gives that to them!

As anyone who adopts dogs, especially those that are deemed ‘unadoptable’ know, we know that we want the absolute best for them. Purina offers a huge line of quality foods that I confidently feed my pets. But Just Right by Purina was the right choice for me and my Jack.

As a Beagle, Jack is a ball of energy! He runs and plays with the kids, with Piper and Bud and, since Joy joined the family, hardly gets a break anymore at all. She is a one year old Jackabea (Jack Russel Terrier/Beagle) and her energy level is unmatched! A pack dog through and through, she has Jack up and chasing her all day long. I want to be able to give him food that helps sustain that energy!

One Eyed Jack deserves the best. Just right by Purina gives it to him

Beagles also tend to have skin issues and an issue with weight. They also can have allergies and ear infections that can make for a miserable trip to the vet. The food I get to design for Jack, Jack’s Yummy Blend, is a Salmon and Rice recipe that helps him be the best Beagle he can be while also counteracting what the breed is prone to. He LOVES it almost as much as I do!

Purina has the personalized food Jack Needs. Just Right by Purina is it

Stay tuned all the way through 2017 as Jack and I share our journey. We have a lot of fun things planned and with Just Right by Purina by our side, we will have the energy to enjoy them all!

What is your pets story?