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#SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

We have all been there. The other side of the ‘look’ that tells us that we have done something that is not approved by other people. We are judged all day every day. Especially as moms. It seems that no matter where we turn, from giving birth to our attendance at PTO meetings, someone somewhere has something to say about it. Well, I am tired of it. It is time we put judgement aside and start supporting each other non matter what our choices! That is why I am SO excited to be a part of the team talking about the Sisterhood of Motherhood. Any time I can help moms combat the evil eye of judgement, I jump on it with wild abandon!

‘A quick online search of ‘moms judge other moms’ yields more than 136 million results.’

Comebacks that Will Help You Quiet the Judgement of Others #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst #ad

There have been MANY times in my own motherhood where comments from others have sent me into that flustered place where I don’t know what to say. Judgments by others often leave me tongue tied and wishing I had a witty retort to spat back at them. Nothing mean, but something that would leave them tongue tied instead of me! But it is hard to think on your feet! Especially when someone is really near sighted in what they say to you! Just check out some of the zingers that readers shared on my Facebook page!

Literally, some of those stories left my mouth open in shock! Everyone from waiters to police officers have some nerve spouting opinions to other people!

But I digress!

So here are some fast retorts you can have in your back pocket to say when the judgy people of the world think they can do a better job with your kids than you can!

‘You do know how that happens, right?’ – to the mom who has more kids than people think she should have.

Why, yes, I do know how this happens and every time, I think ‘Yea, another child to teach be kind accepting of others is entering this Earth!’

‘Can’t you get that kid under control?‘ – to the mom whose child is out of control in a public place

Yes, yes I can. And when I am done I will help you learn some manners too, OK?

Comebacks that Will Help You Quiet the Judgement of Others #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst #ad

‘Aren’t you being a little hard on her/ him?’ – the the mom who is punishing her child for a wrong doing.

Maybe. But then again, I’d rather be harder on him/ her now than visiting them in jail or the morgue later.

‘I can not believe you do/ don’t vaccinate/ breastfeed/ co-sleep/ make homemade baby food/ homeschool…’ – the the mom raising her kids the way she sees fit.

My circus, my monkey’s. But thanks for your unprovoked opinion. When you want me to return the favor, let me know!

Now, I realize that these are not perfect and that not all situations are the same. We have to consider the source and the timing and the circumstances of the comment. But if you get a comment all the time, you can hone your standard responses and wrap them in a smile and kindness to those who deserve to be told to hush it in a socially acceptable manner!

After all, we ALL have our army of people who think they know more about our kids than we do. Thank God that he gave us the strength and knowledge to raise our kids the way we see fit despite them all!

What is the Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood and why am I so proud to be a part of it?

Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

This is the perfect place for me and ADayinMotherhood.com. I am all about accepting anyone and everyone regardless of the decisions they make on raising their kids. As long as children are loved, cared for, appreciated and not harmed, I really don’t care if you breastfeed or nurse, work out of the home or don’t, had a baby with or without assistance or co-sleep or don’t. I believe that women have been birthing and raising children a lot longer than I have and the natural instinct to love and care for them is in us all. Therefore, regardless of the style, we all have wanting to get it right embedded in us! Partnering with Similac and their Sisterhood of Motherhood message to help change the language and to dissuade judgement is a great partnership I am excited about! Come join me over the next few months in promoting a positive message about mothers and their differences!


Remember this commercial? Still one of the best ever! And one of the reasons I am so proud to be a partner!

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