It is fourth and inches on the 2.  Your team has to make this play – a field goal won’t cut it.  Your Fantasy Team running back is due to get the ball and jump the line to score.  The stress is insurmountable!  You reach for a delicious SNICKERS Brand NFL Mini right as you hear ‘HUT- HUT’ and, as if in slow motion you see your running back score you 6 as you pop the SNICKERS Brand NFL Mini in your mouth, savoring the little bite of happy, before you bust out in a celebratory variation of the chicken dance.

It is going to be a GREAT NFL season!  And to celebrate Football season coming SOON and a favorite game time sweet, SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis, we are throwing a Twitter Party!  Why are we celebrating this?  Because the NEW SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis will be in your local Walmart stores starting August 11, 2012 and we are super excited about it!

Come talk about your favorite team, a coach that needs to retire and a team that you think will surprise everyone!  In addition, share your thoughts on SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis, your favorite way to serve them – SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis Sugar Cookies anyone? – and anything else that makes you want to brush off the pom poms and cheer on your team!

And just for attending, we’ll be giving out $250 in Walmart Gift Cards!

RSVP at the link below, tell your friends and we’ll see you there!

What: SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis Twitter Party

When:  August 9, 2012 1 – 2pm EST

Who:  Follow your hosts @lomargie and @themommyfiles

Where:  Twitter under hashtag #SNICKERSMINIS and Using the Custom Tweetgrid

How:  RSVP below, tell your friends and mark your calendars!  We will be giving away (1) One $25 Walmart Gift Card, (1) $50 Walmart Gift Card, (1) $75 Walmart Gift Card and (1) $100 Walmart Gift Card!

Please Read the #SNICKERSMINIS Twitter Party Legal Rules