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Eating Well With a Hectic Life Can be Done with Jimmy Dean Bowls

If I told you what was going on in my life right now, you would not believe it. A small breakdown would be: laying hardwood floors throughout the house, foster puppies that are being adopted here and there, two children in drama camp with back to back plays that take my whole day and work. Lots and lots of wonderful, deeply appreciated work. Along with it all is the demo on the house, three dogs who contracted kennel cough from one of the puppies and back to school planning and shopping to boot. To say I am on the verge of overwhelmed may just be an understatement. The thing that is causing me the most stress, however, is not having a kitchen. My furniture is piled up and blocking the stove. So, I am having to get creative. An easy go to that I know will be delicious and easy? Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. These pop in the microwave and enjoy any time of the day 9 ounce bowls are perfect for a quick meal when I need one!

Try not to be too jealous of my unorganized chaos…. #hardwoodfloors #whydididothis

Posted by A Day in Motherhood on Friday, August 11, 2017

In the midst of the dust and mess from pulling up tile and thin-set, prepping the living room for painting and moving 4 rooms of furniture comes a need for real food with real benefits. Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls warm me up I love the new flavors made with premium ingredients. In addition, as you know from my CrossFit love, protein is a huge thing in my diet. I need it to keep me going no matter what my day throws at me.

Jimmy Dean Bowls have 21-23 grams of protein in every bowl. With flavors like Jimmy Dean Breakfast Burrito, Jimmy Dean Loaded Potato and Jimmy Dean Ranchero Steak and Eggs, I can still get a hearty meal that benefits me with the use of a microwave. As a woman with a house is complete disarray, this is a HUGE benefit. Plus, they all can be found at HEB, which is my Texas go-to for the best options in the frozen food aisle.

Eating Well With a Hectic Life Can be Done with Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls from HEB

While I am very much looking forward to getting my house back together and being able to cook at home and use my stove again, I will still have quality foods in my freezer that I can pull out for everything from breakfast to snack to a quick dinner. We all love a grab-an-go meal and ones that taste like Chef’s prepared them for us are the best!

I know in a few weeks the chaos of today will have worn off and a new craziness will have presented itself. That is just the nature of my life. It is the nature of all of our lives I think! So by finding products I can use to make my life a little easier is a necessity. Jimmy Dean Bowls fulfill all of those needs and have great flavor to boot!

Eating Well With a Hectic Life Can be Done with Jimmy Dean Bowls

What was the last time you looked at Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls? Which flavor do you think you would like best?