My husband is hard on his clothes.  He works for a company that installs laboratory cabinets, epoxy tops, and metal vent hoods.  And even though he is in management, he is still out in “the field” several times a week participating in the actual installs.

This work in the dust and around chemicals, table tools, hand tools, and up and down on ladders in a construction zone can cause him to go through a pair of jeans, a nice shirt, or a pair of work boots in record time.  Replenishing his wardrobe, as you can imagine is an expensive task!

And a time consuming one!  There are not a lot of places around us that have good, quality work wear for him.

So when I found out that there was a website that carried all of the work brands that he liked, including boots, jeans, shirts, safety gear and more, I jumped at the chance to check out!

My Happy Hubby

What surprised me the most is the vast array of clothing and accessories that can be fit into a regular, daily wardrobe for anyone!  Men AND women AND kids!  Do not do what I did and assume that this site is only for men in a construction, physical labor type of job!  I actually found things I really liked too!

My husband and I had so much fun looking around on!  In fact, it took almost an hour for him to narrow his list of “wants” down to a pair of jeans or boots.  Or boots or jeans.  And my list of ‘what to order for him next’ was created and left on my desk, ready for the budget to absorb them!

The website is incredibly easy to use.  All of the items they offer – jeans, shirts, boots, safety gear, etc. – are categorized by brand and type of item.  There are subcategories that make it even easier to find exactly what you are looking for.  And since it is so “point and click” friendly, we got around with no problem.

We finally settled on a pair of Cinch jeans, which, according to my husband, are one of the most durable jeans out there.  As I said, my husband goes through jeans almost as fast as socks.  So I was glad that we found a good brand with a good, strong reputation, that still had style.  I placed my order and was done in no time!

Check out the ease of shopping online at here!

My Shop Slides


I was impressed that I received an email from with a future coupon I could use, details of my order, and information on when to expect my husband’s jeans.

About a week later, they arrived!

My husband loves them and thus the demand that I keep the site bookmarks and him supplied with great, durable, work clothes is higher than ever!

If you are someone who wants to look good while working hard, wants clothes that last for more than one job, or just want to look good and have high quality, name brand, clothing and accessories, keep on your list!

We sure are!

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