** This is a post presented in partnership with Apparoo. All opinions are my own.**

Trying to find great apps for moms or kids can be hard with so many available. That’s why I’ve partnered with Apparoo™ – the app discovery service for busy moms. Each week I’ll be sharing the ‘Apparoo™ App of the Week’ with you. Very often they’ve negotiated to bring you great paid apps at heavily discounted rates and sometimes even free. I’m very excited about this and welcome your feedback on the apps you decide to install.

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istory app

I am loving the Apparoo Apps of the week and am thrilled to bring you this week’s FREE App: iStory! An awesome app for moms that will help you read new books to your kids all week long! I downloaded it and have my 4 FREE stories ready to go when bedtime comes around tonight!

Sometimes simple is best. No matter how many fancy toys your kid has, they always end up on your lap saying “Mama, tell me a story.” iStoryTime is like a central library for kids’ books, and they wisely left off extraneous features, letting the stories shine. It includes four free books and then you can buy more à la carte, or pay a monthly or annual fee, Netflix-style, for unlimited books. With new books released in the app every week, there is always fresh content to enjoy. Stories can be narrated or silent, allowing your child to read independently when they’re ready. As Leonardo said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Da Vinci, not DiCaprio, people.)

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istory app

Any app that allows my kids to fall in love with reading and story time is a hit for me! The fact that it gives you FREE books too is a bonus any mom can appreciate! Download the app and have it ready for that bonding story time we all love with our kids!


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