I hung up the phone with Tanya Van Court, the founder of iSow.com, with a smile on my face. Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before?  It is so simple, so clear, and so necessary. As I sidestepped yet another Barbie on my living room floor and danced around the Lego house my daughter just HAD to build in the hallway, I thought of my chat with Ms. Van Court and suddenly understood the need for Sow! Opening my daughters’ play room door to toss in one more pink teddy bear, my mind started working. The doll house that they barely touch, a gift from a friend, looks a lot like the other dollhouse that they barely play with that was from me. Both were purchased with money that could have gone to things my kids want to ‘SOW’ for! Their first car, college education, that prom dress, wedding dress or even to donate to other kids who didn’t even have one doll house, Barbie or Lego block. Right then and there I vowed to talk to my children and to encourage them to be a Sower! They took to it quickly and we are now on our way to teaching them that the stuff they get now is not as important as the difference they can make later!

Creating the Gift that Keeps Kids Giving with iSow.com

Sow is an innovative idea that lets children from birth to 22 create an account that they and anyone else can donate to, to help them save or raise money for a cause dear to their hearts! Whether your child wants to forgo another glitter bracelet kit for a shiny new bike she saves up for, or wants to use all of her birthday ‘money’ that family gave her to donate to the Children’s Hospital every year, she can with Sow! Sowers can create a Sow account to save for college, future investments or even a rainy day. They can create one to give to a cause, like the Children’s Hospital, like Katie wants to do. They can also create one aimed at making their own wishes come true, like a new gaming system or that senior trip that is quite pricey!

Choose a category, savings, causes or wishes, and help your child set up a Sow account on iSow.com that helps them learn not only to save for what they deem important, but to break the constant flow of gifts that flood the house year after year that are barely touched.

Creating the Gift that Keeps Kids Giving with iSow.com

Creating a Sow account for each child is easy. Just sign up, fill out the information and add a child. Each child can have their own account under your login and each one can be donated to separately by anyone with the link. The accounts are free to set up and manage. There is a small fee to those who donate.

Once the accounts are set up, kids, parents, grandparents and even friends can take money they were going to spend on my daughter’s 80th Barbie doll and put it into the account! Katie wants to Sow to donate money once a year to the Children’s Hospital. Sarah wants to Sow to help pay for college and Megan wants to Sow to purchase her first house one day. Mommy wants to squeeze them tight and tell them how proud she is of them for wanting to learn that their gifts can go further by saving them up instead of leaving them on my living room floor!

Creating the Gift that Keeps Kids Giving with iSow.com

As an ex-stockbroker, I love this so much more than typical savings accounts, educational IRA’s that only I put money in and even piggy banks that sit high on the shelf. Sow teaches the little Sower to create a goal and to save for it, trading stuff for savings. Trading instant gratification for accomplishing a goal. Trading the plastic toy that has teeth marks from the dog from being left on the floor to the gift that will help set them up to be responsible goal seekers later in life!

I am so lucky that I was approached to talk to Tanya Van Court about her very needed, very clever idea to create the little Sower that appreciates Sharing, Saving and Spending over time!

What would your child Sow for? Set up a FREE account today and get them started with ease!