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It is pouring in Houston right now, schools have been closed, and my kids and I are in the house trying to get through the day without going stir crazy. While being unexpectedly home with kids can be stressful, it is a great time for me to walk around and assess my to-do list that I often push off due to work. When you own a 35 year-old house, no update or repair seems to be cheap. While I have a savings account, some of the repairs I need would wipe me out or are more that I have been able to save. So, lately, I have been reading about Discover Personal Loans. With my good credit and long credit history, this path may be the one I need to take to repair my daughter’s forever leaking bathtub, replace the well-used carpets in the bedrooms and to finally add that deck on the back that I have always wanted.

Is a Personal Loan For Me? Learning the Benefits!

Sitting down with my kids in front of a movie, I took the time to really learn about Discover Personal Loans and whether this financial choice can give me the funds I need to make the necessary repairs and updates to my house without overextending me for years to come with a huge loan repayment. To help me decide on what I need and can handle, I used the Estimated Payments Calculator, A Personal Loan is different than opening up a credit card and paying for things that way. Personal Loans are a fixed amount of money borrowed over a certain amount of time at a fixed interest rate that stays the same the whole time you are paying back the loan. So no revolving rates, no origination fee (which means you get 100% of the money you are borrowing at the time of the loan) and a one time a month payment of the same amount the whole time you have the loan. The security of knowing exactly how much you will pay over exactly that amount of time is great for people on a budget, like me!

Personal Loans are for more than home repairs, though. They can be used to pay for life events like weddings and vacations and even to consolidate those high interest credit cards you have. Imagine only paying one payment a month for your credit card debt and knowing exactly the day all of it will be paid off? Imagine not having to deal with fluctuating interest rates and various fees that can come with credit card debt!  Discover Personal Loans are 100% US based and they can help you decide the best way to pay off your debt quickly, how to choose the options that help you get that summer pool or how to use the money for anything else to make your life easier!

Here are a few other facts about Discover Personal Loans that could make them a better financial decision for you. Find out more on FacebookTwitter and see educational videos on YouTube also!

  • No Origination Fees: With no origination fees you’ll receive 100% of your approved  loan amount.
  • Fixed Rates and Flexible Repayment Terms: Fixed rates starting at 6.99% with flexible repayment terms.
  • 30-Day Guarantee : With Discover Personal Loans you can return the funds within 30 days and you’ll owe nothing. That’s the assurance you deserve from Discover.
  • U.S. based customer service: Discover’s 100% U.S. based loan specialists can help you decide which loan term works best and how quickly you want to pay it off.

With the Debt Consolidation Personal Loan, you can pay off up to $30,000 in debt at a fixed rate over a fixed amount of time. You may  get a lower fixed rate than the high interest you are currently paying on various cards and you pay one payment per month as opposed to several payments on multiple cards. Want more information? Check out this video on how to erase your high interest debt!


As I learn more about Discover Personal Loans, the more I think this is the way I need to go to make the expensive repairs and updates I need to my older home. I will keep my savings in tact, know my payment with no surprises month by month and will be able to plan for the date is is paid off!

What do you need to repair or update in your home? Do you have credit cards that you would like to pay off sooner at a fixed rate? Check out Discover Personal Loans and see if they are the right option for you too!


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