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Yes, I know. We, as moms, thinks no one notices. We work hard at a job that, though voluntarily ours, is generally a thankless and tiring job. There are moments of greatness, don’t get me wrong, but being in the trenches can feel a little isolating and fruitless. I wonder, though, if my kids see me the same way. As I do everything I can to make sure they are getting supplies and clothing for school, I try to make sure they have a social life outside of studying, to teach them to eat right, make good decisions, deal with bullies, do well on test and on and on, I wonder what they would say about me? Office Depot® OfficeMax® wanted to know then same thing. In their efforts help parents Gear up for Great, they asked parents about parenting and kids about their parents. The result is awesome and I think every parent needs to see it! Check it out below:

Inspirational, right?

I was a little surprised at what the kids said versus what the parents believed about themselves. I decided to experiment with my kids too.

I asked my youngest what she thought of her mom and she gave me the heart hands with a smile. That made me smile and, at 7, told me everything I needed to know. She knows I love her and she freely shares that she loves me. I consider that a motherhood win!

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My oldest daughter, at 10, is getting a little sass in her sassafras. So she was more comical about it and more interested in making me laugh than being serious. She said I was ‘kokkoo’. But you know what? I will take it. Because she feels the freedom to be silly and to express herself without the pressure of ‘getting it right’ and I love that!

Inspire your kids with love and laughter!

My middle daughter, Sarah, tells me on a daily basis that she loves me and is always thankful for anything I do for her. So she just smiled and went on about her business when I asked her. That is OK with me because I want her to just feel like she can just be.

Inspire your kids with the ability to be themselves

Parenting and how we perceive ourselves as parents are two different things. The video from Office Depot® OfficeMax® proves it. So next time you are having one of those rough parenting days, try to remember that your kids may see it differently.

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