MyGofer.coma wants moms to remember that when a child is in college, they still need a mother’s care!  And with the school years starting sooner than later, there are great options for sending care packages that include grocery delivery and other useful items!

Campus Delivery
What is is an online shopping service created with the busy mom in mind making it easy to browse and shop a “virtual aisle” filled with groceries, fresh produce, meats, and everyday products such as laundry, cleaning, baby, and pet supplies to keep your house in order and running smoothly. Think of us as your very own online personal assistant with the ability to get your order where and when you need it. What makes mygofer different is that after someone has placed an order, the products are handpicked from local stores and then picked up or delivered to the customer within a matter of hours. If a customer needs an order now, we’ve partnered with Kmart to provide order pick up locations at Kmart stores across the country. When a customer opts to go this route, the pickup service is absolutely free and when they arrive at the store, they simply drive to the designated curbside pickup location and mygofer will bring the order out to the customers car. Alternatively, mygofer also offers same day home delivery by providing a wide range of delivery window options to select from, even as late as 9pm and on the weekends too.

With name brands like Dove and Coca-Cola, and free shipping over orders of $49 or more and choices from  prescriptions to pet supplies, can help mom take care of her kids while they are away!


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