The wheels of the airplane slam onto the pavement with a defining screech and the long ride to the gate begins.  I turn on my iPhone and up pops a photo of Ms. Brown, the newest candy personality from M&M’S and Mars Candies.  I smile slightly and start scrolling through the photos of the last three, crazy fast, super exciting days in New York City.

A guest of Collective Bias, I was flown to New York on Monday to attend the Museum of Chocolate Art opening with the voice of Ms. Brown, Ms. Vanessa Williams!  Located at 468 W. Broadway, New York, NY, 10012, the Museum is open and FREE to the general public daily from 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. through Sunday, February 12, 2012!  And with 20 commissioned art pieces made of milk chocolate, you are sure to be as amazed as I was at the detail, creativity and elegance of the collection housed inside the perfect New York gallery!

It all started with a commercial that aired during the first quarter of this year’s Superbowl!  See the #1 commercial – at least by my standards – played that day below!

And then I was off, on a fantastic whirlwind complete with a Sex and the City bus tour through New York’s famous locations made that way by the hit HBO show and movies.  As I munched on the same cupcakes Carrie and her friends did and went to Steve’s bar, Scout, I breathed in New York as the characters would have.

But the event I was most excited about was right around the corner.  The Grand Opening of the Museum of Chocolate!  I gussied myself up, slipped into my heels, and headed out with the 4 other bloggers and the Collective Bias reps to the quaint gallery that housed the event.

I greeted Ms. Brown at the door – she is taller than me, not surprising – and then poked around looking at her heels, bracelets, books and glasses, all made of yummy milk chocolate.  I was simply impressed by the artwork on the wall that was painted with cocoa and framed in elegant, 100% chocolate frames!  She is an educated M&M.  She obviously loves to learn and she is a respected intellect in her community!  She is the Chief M&M’S Officer after all!  Check out the entire experience below in this fun slide show!

It was a really wonderful evening complete with the honor of meeting, shaking hands and even exchanging a few words with Ms. Vanessa Williams herself!  She is the voice behind Ms. Brown!  She looked amazing in a simple dress and was gracious and kind to everyone.  She took photos, interviews and met with just about everyone in the room!  Here we all are with her!

With elegant appetizers and smart drinks, the evening was worthy of the New York limelight.  I loved taking photos with my new Sony camera, talking with my fellow bloggers and other press that was at the event and meeting Ms. Williams, of course.  The Museum of Chocolate Art event was awesome and I am  so honored that I was invited to go!  If you are in New York this weekend, take a trip to the Museum and see what all the buzz is about!  If not, enjoy my photo tour and keep your eyes peeled for the Ms. Brown commercial that pops up on television every so often!

And pick up a bag of M&M’S next time you are in your local store!  You can even get your image imprinted on your M&M’S by going to!  And a huge thank you to Collective Bias, Mars Candies, Sony, Ms. Vanessa Williams and Ms. Brown for a truly unforgettable experience!

**This project was a free trip from Collective Bias and Mars Candies.  There was no monetary compensation for my participation.   All writings and opinions are 100% mine.  Please see my Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy for more information.**