Like many moms I know, I tend to put myself last.  In fact, the last time I had my hair cut was over a year ago and the last time I even did anything – like cover than ever present, pesky, gray – was six months ago when my nephew colored it in my living room.  Other than that, I have taken my kids about every few months and my husband has had his hair cut every three weeks.

But tonight I did the unthinkable.  I left the kids and instructions on how to make dinner and headed to the hair salon.  It was freeing and a little scary, but, seriously, something had to be done about THIS:

After an hour of prep work, half an hour of sitting so the highlights and lowlights could take, a 10 minute blow dry and style, I promised myself I would never let myself go that long without a hair cut again!

And here are the results:

Much better, right?  No more wooley mammoth jokes?  No more pulling it up in a ponytail because I just was too depressed to see how far I’d let it go!  No more neglecting myself and my appearance just because my husband can not find the flour to make dinner.  It was right in front of him.  Yes, he called and asked.

Now, this will be me tomorrow at about 9am on the first day of Easter break with all three girls home:

But for right now, I don’t look half bad!  And I really, REALLY like that!  Because, for once, I took care of me.  And that is the best Mom move I could have made today!

Oh, and I even bought more lipstick.  I’ll let you know if it perishes the same way the last one did!

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