I had a sick day yesterday.  Between passing out from uncontrollable coughing and the attempt to stay on track with my meds in an effort to finally heal, I caught the marathon of Bethenny Ever After.  Now, I am not normally a reality TV gal.  In fact, the vast majority of shows make me a little ill with their antics and exploited stunts of those who probably all need to be admitted to padded rooms.

Yes, that was a dig at Toddlers and Tiaras.  And Dance Moms.  And I could go on.

But I digress, I am sorry.

Anyway, I watched Bethenny in her ups and downs of marriage, her stresses over her business and – despite its success – her constant work to keep it that way, and her struggle to be the best mom she can as she balanced it all.

In the end, I admire her.  Greatly.

I love her ‘take no prisoners, I won’t apologize for who I am’, attitude and wish I could instill more of that in my life.  I have always been a people pleaser and worried way too much about what others thought of me.  Which drives people crazy.  Because I am always asking. And that gets old.

I love that she can balance motherhood, work, marriage and herself and be honest about how hard it is, how stressful it is and how overwhelming it all can be.  It is somewhat refreshing to see her in therapy and not just waffling through life thinking she knows it all. I know some people who could benefit from that lesson.

I can see how people would not like her.  She is brash, brazen, strong willed, opinionated and highly inappropriate at times.  But she is also clearly loving, loyal and in love with helping others along the way.  How many people can you say that about anymore?  Really?

I don’t know if I could sit an watch her on her talk show – I am not a talk show kinda gal, but I did enjoy spending my sick day getting to know her.  And she earned my unending respect as well.  I am a little sad that her reality show is ending.  Because that is how I see her best… in her reality.  But I suppose all good things come to an end.

It’s funny.  I never thought a multi million dollar mogul could ever teach me a thing about my life.  They are not ‘regular people’ after all.  They live in a world of Nanny’s and real nights out and money to travel.  But by the end of my 8 or 9 hour marathon with Bethenny Frankel, I did learn a few things.

Clearly, I need to drink more.  In moderation, of course, but more often.  OK, maybe not – but I at least need to loosen up like I do drink more!

I need to laugh more, make my hugs tighter, my words more honest and my love more apparent.  And I need to start being me and stop worrying about the me everyone else thinks I am.  If anything, accentuating the positive can help alleviate the negative.

Oh, I need to sell my blog to Jim Bean.  Anyone have a contact?



Thanks Bethenny – can I call you Bethenny? – for making my one and only sick day fun, entertaining and educational all at once.  I feel like I know you.  Even though I don’t at all.

OH, and stay married despite the struggles.  It DOES get better!

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