A few weeks ago I was the lucky recipient of NEW International Delight Iced Coffee! The product hit store shelves January 15,  2012 and Walmart and Sam’s Club carries it!  See my review of the coffees too!


I drank it too fast and have been staring at the space I have lovingly designated in my fridge for refill – which I did today.  While I waited, I was offered a chance to gift the exact same package I got to someone of my choosing!  Now, you guys KNOW I love to surprise people like this!  It is one of my favorite perks as a blogger – to gift someone something really great!

This took me a while.  There are so many people that I admire and respect.  So many that are deserving of this special pick me up that any coffee loving person would swoon over!  So many people have helped me along the way in the blogging world, as well.  They have answered my questions at 2am, responded to the most ridiculous requests, and listened as I have stumbled my way through this crazy little world.

As I sat going over and over name after name, it finally dawned on me!  I need to choose someone that I, myself, would want to sit down and have a glass of rich, creamy, International Delight Iced Coffee with!  And though that list is not much shorter, there is one person that I would love to meet in real life and share an iced coffee with.

Mel Locuff of MamaBuzz.com!

Not only does Mel write an amazing blog about everything from DIY projects to giving back, but she is now the Community Coordinator of the group I love so much, Collective Bias (Social Fabric).  From the beginning she has been welcoming, supportive and easy to work with.  I love her uplifting personality and can imagine that we would have a lot to talk about if we sat down and enjoyed a glass – or three – of NEW International Delights Iced Coffee!

I hope Mel enjoys her gift as much as I appreciate what she has done for me!

Come back after you get your Iced Coffee and tell me how in love you are too!

**This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #collectivebias #CBias.  All writings and opinions are 100% mine.  Please see my Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy for more information.**