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Last week I challenged you to join me in the Pack a Snack with Abbott Champions for Kids Campaign!  Basically, I was going to pack a snack full of healthy Abbott Nutrition snacks and give them to my daughter’s school in an effort to help promote healthier options for the kids.  In addition, I wanted to help spread the word that good nutrition is easy to find and good to eat as well!

So, I headed to Walmart in search of some wonderful things to put in my “healthy snack packs” for Abbott’s SIMPLE Service Project anchored by the great products that Abbott Nutrition has on the shelves!  Everything from Pediasure, Pediasure Sidekicks for the older kid bunch and Zone Perfect Bars -which are SO good – were on my list!

I took my two younger daughters and headed to the Pharmacy area and immediately found Ensure, which is also a healthy, vitamin packed nutritional product from Abbott!  I also easily found the Zone Perfect Bars!  I bought a couple of extra boxes of the Zone Perfect Bars to add that to my healthy cabinet of snacks!

Next I need something to put my snacks in.  I originally thought of lunch sacks but then thought that if these baskets were going to sit at the front reception area then they needed to showcase what was in them.  So, I found some tin foil “baskets” and figured they would be easy to dispose of too!  I also got some tissue paper because, well, it can be pretty!

My “baskets” in my cart, the girls and I headed to the baby section.  There I found more Abbott Nutrition products.  Similac formula’s for baby, Pedialyte (we always have this in our fridge!) and the Pediasure and Pediasure Sidekicks I wanted for my baskets.

Check out my whole shop and baskets prep below:

I picked up the three flavors of the Pedialite Sidekicks – Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.  My daughters LOVE the Chocolate so I got an extra pack for them!  On my way out, my girls helped me get banana’s, apples and oranges.  Also healthy snacks that will compliment the baskets nicely!

At home, where my housekeepers were working away, I assembled the snack baskets easily.  And then I started telling them what I was doing and they shared with me the families that live near them.  Most of them are single parent families and barely have time to fix a meal much less a healthy one.  So I happily handed over two baskets and told them to please share them with the families that are not getting the nutrition they need!  They are so excited and say they’ll take photos and send them back!  We’ll see next week how they went over!

In the meantime, I took the two remaining baskets to my daughters school and they displayed one on the reception desk and put the other behind it to give to two families that are in need of some healthy nutritional snacks in their lunches.  I did not take photos at the school for 2 reasons.  It is my daughters school and it just did not feel right and the school could not decide if it was OK or not.  So, I took the pressure off and didn’t do it.

I feel GREAT about this project!   And now I want to do more baskets for my girls cheer squad, church pals, neighborhood friends and more.  Especially after reading how so many kids lack the nutrition they need to grow and learn like they are supposed to!  Not only are the products included super delicious but they are healthy and an easy way to show kids that they can have the fun of a snack without sacrificing the yumminess of a treat!

JOIN US for the Abbott  Champions for Kids Twitter party this Thursday (1/19) evening at 9:00 EST !  Go to hashtag #AbbottCFK and RSVP at for your chance to win a prize.

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