I am a very lucky mommy.  I have three sweet, smart, beautiful girls that are my best friends. I am their mother and that is well known around here but we live our lives together, just the four of us, so it is just fact that we rely on each other for everything.

When I was married, I tried to make it a point to do something one on one with all of my girls. They need that special time with mommy and I loved having it with them. Even it it was just taking one to get groceries, they felt that they had my undivided attention.

I Miss My Middle Daughter

Now, as a single mom of the three I find it hard to do the same. I miss that time with each of them and I know they do too. I still have a few hours a day with my little one who is in preschool. We also have every Friday because her sisters are in school. My oldest gets me for an hour or two on weeknights when her sister’s are in tumbling. But my middle daughter, my super sweet, loving Sarah, never gets time alone with me.

I miss her so much.

Her personality is SO amazing and she needs me as much as I need her. I try to curl up in a corner with books with her but my other two always find a way in. I try to let her stay up a little later than her sister’s but my other two won’t allow it. And adding another night of tumbling just so they all go on different days still leaves her with one other sister to compete with.

I think that being a middle child, especially in a close in age sibling group, makes it hard for the parent to carve out time. Especially a single parent. Pinned in between a sister one year older that she will always follow right behind in growth and having a little sister who wants to tag along because you are her big sister has to be hard.

I Miss My Middle Daughter

Recently, her older sister was moved to a higher tumbling class that she probably won’t follow to for at least a month. Unless her competitive spirit kicks in and she gets her back walk over sooner, she will stay in the class she is in. So I purposely schedule my oldest and youngest in class at the same night. Now, I will actually have 30 minutes on Monday nights with just Sarah. When I told her this, her smile and excitement almost made me cry.

I don’t know how else to do it. How to take the time that each girls needs to just be with mommy. Babysitters are not in the budget and all of my friends have their own kids. But I will always strive to find a way to give that little gift to us both.

Because I miss my middle daughter… and I don’t want to anymore!

I Miss my Middle Daughter