A few weeks ago I discovered Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches!  We love them and stock them in the house now.  My husband likes them as a quick snack and then kids love them for an easy dinner!  You can read my previous post here.

We were enjoying the sandwiches one day and I thought, there have got to be more ways I can use these quick and easy dishes!  Not only can I turn them into a meal with creative sides, but maybe I can add things to the actual sandwich and have them for more that just snacks!

Since the craziest time in my house is morning, I decided to head to my local Walmart and see how I could turn our new favorite snack into breakfast!

The Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches with Cheese or without are in the frozen snack section at Walmart so I headed there to load up! And then I tooled around the store looking for inspiration.  I did not need toast because that was “included”, nor did I need a meat like a bacon or sausage.  You can head to TysonGoodness.com to find a store that carries them near you!

I stopped at the egg section and picked them up.  And then, idea in my head, picked up some bananas and grapes.  I passed yogurts and oatmeal and grits and thought, those would be a good side for breakfast too!

At home, I quickly heated up the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches.  Just about a minute and they are ready to go!  Just leave them in the package and place them in the microwave!  I barely had time to cut up some banana before they were done!  LOVE that for those busy mornings!

After cutting up grapes and bananas to have on the side of the sandwiches, I made some scrambled eggs.  Originally, I was just going to put them on the side too but then decided to put them IN the sandwich.

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I have to tell you, the egg added a nice texture and creamy flavor to the sandwich and defiantly turned these into breakfast items!  And once I added the fruit, I had a healthy, very fast, easy to make breakfast that would work any morning in our house!

The kids agreed too and ate them up!

I love Tyson’s Mini-Chicken Sandwiches and am even more thrilled that I can use them to create healthy, filling meals that my family will eat!

REMEMBER:  Now –  through January 13, 2011 – when you buy 2 8 count boxes of Tyson Mini Chicken Sanwiches, regular or with cheddar cheese, you can get a $5.00 Walmart Gift Card back by mail!  Just attach your receipt to the form on theTysonGoodness.com page and mail it in!  Supplies are limited to the first 2,000 cards so hurry to Walmart and get your mini sandwiches now!  This makes these basically buy one get one free!

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