If you have read my blog at all over the last year and a half or so, you know that I am a dog LOVER!  I have a dog, love him dearly, and had, until this year, 3 dogs.  I lost my beloved Beagle, Ali to old age and my sweet Lab, Lexi to an extreme case of over aggression.

A little while back my nephew found a dog and brought her to me, setting off not only an amazing life experience, but also the bug to add to my dog family again.  Yes, it is nice to have only one… but he is lonely and I want another.

But, my husband is hesitant, which I understand – we have very busy lives and even gave a puppy back a few months ago after deciding that we did not need three dogs (we still had Lexi then) – but my desire to have another little four footed friend in the house has not subsided.

On the flip side, I love to do for local shelters when I can.  So I wonder if I do something really nice for some homeless pups, maybe that will satisfy my desire without the loss of any of my shoes in this house!  Being totally undecided in this decision – add to our home or support a shelter – I headed to Walmart to shop for a Puppy Prep Kit and hoping that, once there, I would know what best to do!

I love shopping at Walmart for my doggie items.  They have everything I could ever need and more plus they carry my absolute favorite brand of dog treats, Milk-Bone®.  I have loved Milk-Bone® since my childhood dogs, Sport and Webster.  Well, Sport was my sisters and Webster my Moms, but I claim them anyway!   I remember sitting on the terra cotta floor in our home breaking the little bones and feeling the dogs wet noses sniff them out and gobble them down.  So, when I got my first dog, Ali, her very first treats were Milk-Bone®.

So it is just natural for my hand to reach for the vibrant red box when I hit the doggie aisle.  Obviously, I chose the Puppy treats this time around.  Plus, Bud has 4 boxes on the shelf as we speak so he didn’t need anymore.  I headed further down the aisle in pursuit of other Milk-Bone® products, like Pup-Peroni and Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style treats for dogs.

Now, the Pup-Peroni is easy – buy the largest bag of the Original – though they have Lean too!  After all, Bud loves them and they are great to tear apart and use for training treats for a puppy!

But the Milo’s Kitchen Home-Made Style Dog Treats were a hard decision!   I have purchased them before for someone else but have never gotten them for my dog.  I stood staring at the Chicken Jerky, the Beef Jerky, the Beef Sausage Slices with Rice and the Chicken Meatballs.  They all looked so good and I know my dog, and the new puppy -whether it be mine or at a shelter – would gobble them up!

I finally chose the meatballs and made a note to try all of them in the future!

See my whole shop below:

Now, my Walmart is always at least 2-3 weeks behind on new products and stick on coupons so I did not see this BUT, there is a coupon on select boxes of Milk-Bone® Treats that gives you a discount if you buy the treats, Pup-Peroni and a Milo’s Kitchen treat.  So look for those boxes on your next trip to Walmart for your dog’s treats!

Once the treats were in the basket, it was time to gather some more “puppy necessities” for my Puppy Prep Kit.  I looked at the collars and leashes, bedding and puppy pee pads.  Megan helped me pick out some puppy toys for whomever I give the kit to and I picked up some puppy food as well!

My Puppy Prep Kit featuring Milk-Bone® was complete!  I’ll show it to you next post!  Now to check out and make a decision…

What will it be?

A puppy for me?  Or a Puppy Kit for a shelter?  Or both?

Come back next week to learn the answer!

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