I am very lucky in that when I had my kids I had the resources to make sure that they had what they needed.  Diapers, clothing, food and so on.  Truth be told, my kids had more than they needed!  It was one of the perks afforded by me as an older mother with a career.

Unfortunately, too many women do not have the same advantages and therefore can not provide the basic needs that their kids should have in their young years.  So when I heard that Champions for Kids had partnered with All You Magazine to create a Simple Service project to help kids, I was all hands on deck and wanted to use this opportunity to help these moms and kids.

This is my third Simple Service project with Champions for Kids and I have to say, every time I gather the family to do one, they and I get more out of it than we think we will.  We stuffed stockings for kids at Christmas and my kids still ask if it is time to take more stockings them again.  I created nutritious baskets of food for my daughter’s school and was able to help a single mom that my housekeepers knew as well.

Learn more about Champions for Kids in this short video:

All You Magazine is the only subscription I currently receive.  Inside every issues are enough coupons to pay for several years of a subscription.  Plus, they have great healthy living tips, recipes and more.  The magazine easily pays for itself and I check every issue for coupons before I hit the stores!

So with my coupons and my desire to help a group in my area with a donation basket, I headed to Walmart with my trusty shopping pals, my daughters.

I knew exactly what I was getting.  A basket of ‘need’ items for a baby girl and a basket of ‘need’ items for a little boy.  Plus I wanted to get some things for toddler aged children and older.  I am taking the baskets to the Tomball Pregnancy Center.  My local center offers everything to a mother or couple that needs it.  Adoption help, Doctors, Lawyers, help with employment and more.  I called the organization and they told me that they routinely have teen moms and lower income moms coming in asking for the simplest things.  Diapers, bottle, wipes and more.

So my goal in this Simple Service Project is to provide at least two moms with ‘need’ kits that will help them along the way while taking care of their babies.  And my kids will help me pick out the items to go in the kits and will help me deliver them to the center.

See my entire shop below:

I grabbed my coupons for diapers and wipes that I had clipped from my local paper and gotten in the mail, plus a yogurt coupon from All You and headed to Walmart with my kids.  I knew that Walmart would have everything I needed in one place and would make it easy for me to get what I needed and leave before my three kids destroyed the place!

We got bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, a diaper bag and so much more and we can not wait to put it all together and give it to the Pregnancy Center!  Come back next week and see how we did it, how my kids helped and how the center reacted to the donation!

Join me in the Champions for Kids Couponing for Good with All You Magazine!  It is so easy to use a coupon to buy something that can help someone else!  When you do join in, send me a note so I can talk you up!

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