It bothers me to spend more on a gallon of gas than on a gallon of milk.  In fact, many of my Facebook fans feel the exact same way based on a thread on this subject just last week!

And what irks me even more is to fill up at one station only to see another one down the street that is .05 cheaper per gallon!

But I have learned, in my research, that there is one place I know I can always go and get cheap gas!  So much so that anytime I check my cheap gas app on my phone, it always pulls up MurphyUSA first!

This weekend, I decided to test my theory and my app and see if, in fact, any of the gas stations between my house and the $3.38 a gallon gas at MurphyUSA could beat their price.

I grabbed my shopping buddy, Sarah, and off we went cheap gas auditing!

I have to tell you, this was an eye opening trip!

I took pictures of 6 gas stations and was shocked that the price varied from $3.39 a gallon – the closest to the MurphyUSA price – to $3.49 a gallon!  All within 5 miles of my house!  In this day and age where a gas station is on every corner and consumers have the ultimate in choices, I would think there would be a more balanced pricing system!


Not only do MurphyUSA stations-  located outside my local Walmart – have the cheapest gas in my area, I also always get a ‘freebie’ for checking in with them on Foursquare!  This week I got an energy shot that my husband likes.  In the past I have gotten free gum, .10 off per gallon of gas, and other items we use!

Another awesome thing about getting your gas at MurphyUSA stations?  Right now if you use your Walmart gift card, credit card or money card, you get an additional .10 a gallon off!

So whether you are planning your savings for your summer road trip or just trying to fit the high cost of summer gas into your household budget, make sure you know where your nearest MurphyUSA is.

Because according to my app, my audit, and  my experience,  MurphyUSA always comes out with the cheapest gas in my area!

This shop/project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All writings and opinions are 100% mine.  Please see my Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy for more information.**