I stood, still as could be, staring at the teeth that could tear me limb from limb.  He opened and closed his mouth, opened and closed, open and closed.  To a lay person, he was yawning.  But to me, hidden in the depths of the African Wilderness, I knew what he was thinking.

Who are all of these people tethered to metal hooks 20 feet above my head?”

OK OK.  So I am not really in the thick of the African Forests staring down the jowls of a hungry hippo.  I am safely walking behind the scenes of Walt Disney World on the African Trek in the Animal Kingdom Park.  But I am up close and personal seeing animals like Giraffe’s, Crocodiles and more in their sacred, safe places that have been preserved to every detail for them!

But, to my credit, it was really scary walking down a dusty, old, cracking bridge with nothing but crocs underneath me to to savor for their midday snack.

OK, it was all safe.  But there were boards missing, so there!

This was an adventure in the most unlikely place.

I did not know that you could go on a relaxing guided tour behind the scenes, hiking over crocodiles, parking next to giraffe’s, eating amazing food while staring out over the jungles of Africa at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  Did you?

Enjoy a leisurely hike where only the trainers go.  Discover a new respect for the care and determination to let the animals in the Animal Kingdom live healthy, fear free lives in the most amazing of settings.  Watch as the Giraffe’s stand just a few feet away munching on the trees while you smile and park yourself for that once in a lifetime photo!

And then ride comfortably along, relaxing and stopping for as long as you want, reveling in the amazing spoiling that you are getting, drinking in the nature that surrounds you.  To top it off, you’ll dine overlooking the beautiful land and watching the animals graze and live as they should.

During the Wild African Trek, you get to eat like a King… Queen…  whatever.  It was GOOD!  Fresh Chicken Salad, Pita bread, Shrimp and more mix with the exotic fruit juice that is the perfect pallet washer between tastes.

And then, if you dare, hop back into the caravan and see cougars lazily strolling, possibly climbing a tree just for fun, or a lion pacing in anticipation of dinner time.

The Wild African Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a once in a lifetime, a reason to brag, a celebration of nature and all that goes into caring and preserving it so that one day, your kids can take their kids.  In true Disney fashion, no stone is left unturned, no detail too small, no expense spared at treating and teaching you as if you are, in fact, an insider!  Down to the water bottles, badges, ear pieces and gear, you feel a part of something unique.  And you will talk about it for years to come!

And for the couples venturing the Walt Disney Parks sans children, this is a romantic, relaxing, wonderful Trek.  I hope one day to take my husband and just relax, peacefully, in the wild!

A very special thanks to Emily of CleverHousewife.com, Carrie of CarrieWithChildren.com, Jen with TheSuburbanMom.com and Louise from MomStart.com for providing these amazing photographs to me for this post.  I may not have been able to save my computer from my 5 year old, but I am honored to have saved these friendships from this trip!

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