As a blogger, I have a lot of help.  I may write this blog on my own but, by no means do I learn and grow and discover great things for you, my readers, without the help of others!   And when I get the chance, I like to thank the people who have stepped up and gone above and beyond to guide me in this crazy world of blogging!

So this Halloween, I chose a blogger who has been instrumental in changing what blogging is to me and thought I would stuff some BOO! bags for her and her family!

We were “BOO”d in our neighborhood this year.  Someone left a ghost and a scarecrow on our door and a note telling is to pass it on. Which we did to two more families.  I had never “BOO”d anyone before but the kids and I thought it was really great!  “BOO”ing a blogger just seemed like GREAT fun too!

I headed to my favorite place to shop for candy, decorations and more, Walmart!  I was on the hunt for goodie bags, a fun way to have them displayed, decor for the bags, and candy.  Lots and lots of candy!

I went for my favorite candy first! Snickers!  I don’t know what it is about those little bites of yummy peanuts, caramel and chocolate, but Snickers are fantastic.  The go to candy I always choose when I want to share too!  And I love the little bite sized, mini ones because you can just pop them in your mouth and get all of the yumminess in one little bite!

I looked all over for the Mars Halloween Mini Snickers and found the tag…  but no more bags.  Making a mental note to come back for my favorite Minis, I bought 3 bags of Mars candies.  Multi packs, muti bags and a Snickers Combo all went into the cart.   My blogger buddy and her family was going to LOVE this!  I made a mental note to head back to Walmart come Halloween candy time because the prices were really reasonable for the packaging sizes!

Next I went on the mad hunt for a bag and a way to surprise my blogging buddy with her BOO! bag.  I found a really cute bag and then some smaller bags that I could stuff individually for each family member!  I know my blogger has 2 kids and that her parents help out a lot.  So I wanted to stuff 6 bags!  I did not want to leave anyone out!

I also found some stickers that I thought would look super cute on the bags!  And then some markers to decorate the box and bags with BOO!’s everywhere!

My anticipation rose, my fingers itched to stuff, my tummy rumbled with the demand of eating the entire bag of Snickers right then an there!  So I quickly checked out and headed home!

To see my whole shop and decorating talents, click below:

Now, by the time I got around to stuffing these wonderful BOO bags, my husband and kids had effectively opened and consumed a number of pieces of candy!  So I grabbed what I needed, hid the bag of Snickers that had not been opened and hurriedly stuffed before it was all gone thus sending me to Walmart again!

I crammed the little bags full of Snickers, Milky Ways, M&M’s, and other yummy Mars candies, placed the fun stickers all over the bags, put the little bags in the big bags and marveled at my work.  I used my markers to BOO! up the bag and the outer box and wished feverishly that I could be a spider on the wall when she gets it!

In fact, if she figured out who sent it, I’ll be sure to add photos to this of her getting  them for you!

This was a TON of fun and as good for my need to show some appreciation as it will be for her sweet tooth!  This Halloween, BOO! someone you appreciate too just because!  :)

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

**This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #collectivebias #CBias.  All writings and opinions are 100% mine.  Please see my Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy for more information.**