I am so honored and excited to have been invited to the Conversations with Coca Cola Blogger Conference May 15 and 16 in Atlanta, GA! I am not sure what I am more excited about, the experts that I will get to learn from or the tour of the Coca Cola facility!

Now, how did this happen, you ask?  I have no i d e a!  I got an email to the invitation only event where, apparently, only so many bloggers a year are asked to go!  How in the world little ole me got on this list, I don’t know, but I am riding it all the way to Atlanta!

During the conference I will learn all about Coca Cola’s Live Positively program, hear from blogging experts, get a behind the scenes look at  Coca-Cola and more!!  I am – pinch me on the arm until it looks like a bug bite – excited!!

I’ll be sharing with YOU all of the wonderful things I learn, photos from the event and more!  Stay tuned!  I’ll be flying to Coca-Cola land SOON!

**Like A Day in Motherhood on Facebook and Subscribe to A Day in Motherhood Though this is an all expense paid trip with Coca-Cola, I am under no obligation to post, promote or blog about the event.*