I am so completely excited to be back sharing a wonderful Simple Service Project that I am doing with Odwalla and Champions for Kids!  If you’ve read my blog over the last few months, you’ll see that I am a huge fan of Champions for Kids and the Simple Service projects they put together every month for regular people – like me – to do.  It is a fun and easy way to give back to my community and help out kids who not as fortunate as they could be.

This month, Odwalla is pairing with Champions for Kids in an effort to get kids out to Help Them Play! and donate gently used and new sports gear to kids!  I am a firm believer that sports are an amazing way to teach kids self confidence, self assurance and teamwork.  I feel that sports help kids learn to deal with both elation and disappointment and that they can grow more in sports than in front of the TV.  One of the reasons we bought our dusty old vacant house is that is sat on an acre of land.  And that acre has been used for soccer, tennis, kickball, softball, football and more!  Nothing makes me more excited than seeing kids BE KIDS!  Outside.  In the sunshine.  With clapping parents fans screaming for every good play!

So, I am accepting the SIMPLE SERVICE Project with Champions for Kids and Odwalla this month and holding a gently used and/ or new sports equipment drive!!

And which ever organization I – you? – choose to donate the equipment to will also get a TON of Odwalla!  Odwalla Smoothies and Shakes are full of all of the good stuff kids (and adults) need!  Like protein to refuel during and after sports, B vitamins and other necessary vitamins and yummy stuff we all need!  They even have a Chocolate Protein Monster Soy and Dairy Protein Shake that has 17 grams of protein!  WOW!

Made with all natural ingredients like blueberries, mango, grapes and more, these fruit smoothies are refreshing and packed full of energy supporting goodness!  So it makes perfect sense that I would include bottles in with my sports equipment to donate!   And it is easy to find too!  Just look in the refrigerated section and you will see the large 32 and the 12 ounce bottlesl.  I purchased all of the flavors of the 12 ounce, like Mango Tango and Blueberry B, and even some of the 32 ounce bottles, like Chocolate Protein, to include in my donations!

Check out my shop for Odwalla and some new sporting items to add to my donations at Walmart below:

Now, where to donate?

My neighborhood is full of families and we all have things that our kids have outgrown.  From bicycles to baseball bats to helmets to tennis rackets, I bet we all have something that can be added to the pile!  In fact, I have already put out a notice on our community Facebook page and everyone is super excited to help and naming organization after organization that could use the equipment!  I am even going to plan a sport for the kids to play while I am collecting!  Getting them Out To Play!

As far as the organizations where the sports equipment will go, I am challenged on who to choose!  I have five great places from our charter school to a Boys and Girls Club down the road to a church who gives to families in need.  My hope is that I can collect enough in my sports drives to give to more than one.  But if not, I am going to need YOUR help deciding!!  Who would you donate it to?

Listed are the five organizations!  Which one do you feel would benefit most from the Game Day Challenge Sports Equipment Drive?

[polldaddy poll=6093763]


Let me know if you have any questions in order to make a decision!  I’ll choose the organization most voted for -and maybe even the top two – to donate to!  How fun will that be?  You can help me in making a difference just by voting above!

So now that I have gone to Walmart and scoured the sporting goods sections for incredibly affordable items to add to my donation, and chosen every flavor of Odwalla to add, I am ready to start my drive!

Come back in a few weeks to see how it all turned out!  I have BIG Plans and hope that I can get everyone rallied around to make this the best “Game Day Challenge” that I can possibly make it!  Want to join me?  Head over to Champions for Kids and Click on the Odwalla Page for all of the details!  Then come and let me know what you are doing to help out too!

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