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Last month I told you about my passion for the cause to end child hunger. As a young child, I knew the feeling of hunger all too well. With dinner sometimes being a cracker with a bit of peanut butter, I remember telling myself that I could have another the next day. It is a tragedy that in our world of excess that any child goes to bed not having three good meals. Kids that don’t get good nutrition can not be their best. They can not learn, grow and experience childhood the way every child deserves too. Helping is easy for you and me. Just taking two minutes to enter a code on a website from the foods you buy anyway. ConAgra Foods, Hunter Hayes, and P&G are all partnering together to help Feeding America and make sure Child Hunger Ends Here!

PLEASE take a moment to fill out this quick reader survey to help ConAgra Foods and the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign gauge awareness.
End Child Hunger #childhungerSomeone else that is serious about ending childhood hunger is Hunter Hayes! Last month, a winner was chosen to meet him at an event in the Instagram contest. This month – through August – he wants to reach even more people to help drive attention to the ConAgra cause by answering YOUR questions for him!!
Hunter Hayes #childhunger

Yep – all you – or your Hunter Hayes fan have to do is enter a code on www.childhungerendshere.com for the chance to ask Hunter Hayes a question. Each month through August 2014, Hunter will personally answer one  question (using  the  winner’s  name!) and post the video to the Child Hunger Ends Here Facebook page. Go like the page now to get suggestion on the kinds of questions Hunter might want to answer so you can increase your chances!

What would you as a young star who is passionate about causes? Would you ask him about his music, his childhood, his path to success? How about asking why he got involved in Child Hunger Ends Here and how you can continue the passionate pledge all year long?
Don’t let kids go to bed like I did in my early childhood. Let’s work together to make sure every child gets full meals all day every day! Enter your codes NOW and do your part!!
Also, learn how to get involved by joining in at the Child Hunger Ends Here Facebook community on Facebook or follow the news on Twitter and Instagram @ChildHungerEnds.
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