We have all seen the news and heard the statistics of the crisis of youth being hungry in America.  Food Network takes cameras and explores the truth April 14, 2012 at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST on Food Network.  Take a moment to check out the trailer below:

HUNGRY AT HOME goes on a cross-country odyssey from New York City to Washington, D.C., suburban Virginia and Texas’ prosperous Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, giving viewers a bird’s-eye view of the hunger crisis through the lives of three hardworking families struggling to make ends meet. In Norfolk, Virginia, an ex-military man with four children must take a civilian job for a fraction of his service pay. A single father in Allen, Texas, is on the verge of losing his home and unable to feed his 10-year-old son. A young couple in New York City lacks access to the fresh fruits and vegetables their children desperately need. All of them have discovered that no community is immune to childhood hunger.

Each family profiled in HUNGRY AT HOME finds unique solutions to their unique problems, utilizing traditional methods including SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps), as well as innovative ideas such as subsidized Community Supported Agriculture baskets for families without access to fresh foods, or in-classroom meals that ensure students get a balanced breakfast. But with problems this diverse, anti-hunger activists agree that there is no quick fix to the devastating effects of hunger on American children. They also agree that finding a solution is one of the most critical issues facing Americans today.

Set your DVR’s or set your kids down and watch this powerful documentary.  And please help get the word out by sharing this on Facebook or sending a tweet to your friends:

Watch #HungerHitsHome, a new documentary from @FoodNetwork and  @NoKidHungry, 4/14 8pm/7c, http://foodnetwork.com/hungry

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