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Huggies Wipes: Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes #tripleclean ad

Have children? Then you have wipes. Little did I know that these little square pieces of clean would be able to handle so much of my household messes. And by household I mean, kids and dogs! There are baby items the kids finally grow out of, like diapers. Then there are baby items that will stay in your home for life! Like Walmart Huggies® Wipes!’

I have Huggies® Wipes in the car, in my purse, in every room in this house and with me any time I travel. Gone are the days of having to have them in a diaper bag but messy hands and faces still need them! Huggies® Wipes are a great way to clean up any family’s mess, not just baby’s!

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Huggies Wipes: Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes #tripleclean ad

I have always trusted these wipes to take care of my kids from babyhood on. I think they are the best because TripleClean™ technology that no other wipe can tout. They come in a variety of fun, convenient packaging, so whether you keep them stashed in your living room, or bag, or car, there is a design that will suit your needs.

I use the wipes for so many things but one of my favorite is wiping down my dogs. They often come in from the backyard smelling like, well, dogs! So I take my Walmart Huggies® Wipes and I wipe down their coats. It refreshes them a bit and the dog smell dissipates!

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Huggies Wipes: Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes #tripleclean ad

I also use the wipes to clean car seat handles and cup holders, the dash and interior of my car, the toilet seats in public bathrooms, the handles of the grocery cart, the bottom of my kids feet after they run barefoot, to cool the kids on a hot day by wiping their faces, to wipe off my purse when it gets dingy and so so much more! I am actually amazed at how many things I can do with Walmart Huggies® Wipes!

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Get them all in designer tubs, Cluth ‘n’ Clean packaging, in the pop up tub! Don’t forget the refills!

How do you use Walmart Huggies® Wipes? I would love to know!