As I have mentioned this Holiday Season, my family and I are very blessed.  Our kids have what they need and are in a loving family.  So joining Champions for Kids and Disney to give something special to a child in need is a blessing for us to be able to do.

Not all kids are as lucky as mine.  I was actually a foster child for many years before being adopted at 8 by a wonderful family.  Foster care is hard.  I was moved a lot and was never quite sure where I would lay my head at night.  Plus there is the stigma in public that even at a very young age, I can remember.

Over 400,000 children were in foster care last year.  The holidays can be very difficult for kids that are not with their biological parents for whatever reason.  And special treats can be few and far between.

In addition, there are 16 million children living right in the gap between official poverty and a living wage and thus do not qualify for government assistance.  A staggering statistic that I had to check 10 times before I reposted it.  This is so sad to me.  And these families are probably working hard to try to get out of that statistic and just can’t get ahead.  

Some of these families have lost everything this year.  For instance, many of the communities surrounding us were victims in the Wild Fires in Texas this year.  And, especially this time of year, I am hearing more and more stories on the radio and TV about those who are sleeping on floors with their kids, living in one room as a family and so on.  People that were in that bubble and lost everything because they could not afford home owners or rental insurance but they make too much now to get any help.

With so many in need, I really want to reach out and do something to help someone this holiday season.  I have already pledged to purchase the meals for people behind me in line in drive throughs this week and I have done it.  But there has to be something more… personal my kids and I can do.

So, I am joining Champions for Kids and Disney and making a stocking stuffed with items and handing it over to someone in need.  A child who would not other wise have anything special because of their circumstances will get a stocking with things they need and want!

And I am on the hunt for that child or even children.  I have emailed some people and made some calls and just have to build the stockings and take them to who I choose.  And I am taking my kids with me so they could participate in the entire process.

Join me this week – along with Champions for Kids and Disney – and build your own stockings to give out.  If you do, take photos and submit them to Champions for Kids so that they can see them too!   It really is such a small thing that can make a huge difference!

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