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How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

I have three beautiful, wonderful, crazy, stubborn, loving, ridiculous attention hog, dogs. They really are my kids away from the kids. Bud is my oldest and has been with me since I found him at a crawfish boil years ago. I adopted 7 year old Piper last year from the Beagle rescue because older dogs need homes too. Then came that fateful day when I saw little Jack on the computer and had to have him. A one eyed dog that needed a new start, he fit right in to my crazy household. With three dogs, however, I have some challenges. Like what to feed them that they will all eat and the chore of training the new dog to fit into the household better. Knowing that PetSmart has Purina® Pro Plan® and that my dogs always love that solved the first issue. Grabbing a leash, some patience and a few pieces of the food helps me work with Jack. Here are some tips on How to Train a Dog Not to Jump.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

Make Sure You Train When Your Dog Has a Full Belly

I have always found that training a dog when he has a full belly is more successful than a hungry dog. It may seem odd as a hungry dog may be more willing to listen when there is food involved, but the opposite is the case. Just as a child will not do well in school when they are hungry, dogs need to be alert too. Good nutrition and a solid meal, like from Purina® Pro Plan® is a must. Making sure your dog – or dogs – are well fed and on a schedule is the best thing for them. My pups get 2 meals a day, on schedule, and I swear it makes a difference in their weight and attitude.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

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Only Train for 5 – 10 Minutes a Day

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

Puppies or young dogs have a limited attention span. They want to play and snuggle and not be on full alert for long. So grab your food ‘treats’, your leash if you need one and any other training gear to get stated. But plan to only be with the dog at full lesson for a little while. You can reinforce through the day, but the main training should not last too long.

When Training a Dog Not to Jump, You Need a Good Leash

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

Since the leash plays an important part in training a dog not to jump, make sure you have the right one. Retractable leashes won’t work and leashes that are too thin will be hard to work with. You want a thicker leash with a good clasp for the collar.

Use Calm Words and Good Treats

Jack loves Purina® Pro Plan® so instead of using tradition treats, I use morsels of food to train. I put some in my pocket and then turn my attention to the dog. I talk calmly and avoid raising my voice. Dogs sense stress and feed off of it. The calmer you are, the calmer the dog will be.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

Follow the Step by Step method to Training a Dog Not to Jump

 – Fill your pocket with Purina® Pro Plan® to reward your dog.

 – Attach a sturdy leash to the collar making sure the collar is not too loose or too tight

 – Lead the dog somewhere fairly quiet and without distractions. You will lose out to a squirrel!

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

–  Have the dog sit and give him a morsel. Then place the leash loosely on the ground with a lot of give. Step on it with your foot.

 – Tempt the dog with another morsel and when he jumps to get it, the leash will keep him down.

 – As you train, make the leash shorter and shorter so the dog has less lift room.

 – Every time your dog stays down as opposed to jumping for the treat, reward him.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

It may take a few tries to get a dog to stop jumping. Then there is the real life training when  the other dogs may jump and he wants to follow. But with positive reinforcement, a steady training method and calm words, you will see a vast improvement in your dog.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

I have had dogs my whole life. I have done puppy school, in house training and never trained at all. I find that all methods work great with dogs because they respond to attention and love. So make a commitment to your dog, feed them well and regularly, give them lots of clean water and train them when you can. You will both be a lot happier with the wonderful relationship!

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump #ProPlanPet #ad

What are the best training tips you have for dogs? How do you keep them from barking, chewing and more? I would love to hear!