My master closet is a mess.

Too Much Stuff, No Way to Organize It

My Husband's Side

My Side, Diaper Storage and All









A huge, jumbled, no place to put anything, something in every nook and cranny, mess!

Old Bedding with No Other Place to Go

When we bought this house a year and a half ago, we settled for a long, narrow closet to replace our huge walk in at the old house.  We wanted land.  We got land.  Sacrifices had to be made!

From day 1, we have promised to do something about the black hole of the closet.  We have drawn out and visually created solutions to our storage problems.  We have gone to stores and looked at closet organizers.  We have contemplated building the whole darn thing ourselves!

We finally came to the conclusion that we needed a professional come in and design a closet organizer for us.  We called one.  And hung up when they got to the price!

So I turned online.  Surely there had to be a company that could not only help me design a closet, but walk me through any questions or concerns I have along the way!

How Pretty, Neat and Organized

Sure enough, I found Closet Organizers USA!  Not only does this amazing website allow me to design a closet organizer online, but also has 24 hour LIVE support to answer all of my questions and concerns.

I Can Call for Help Too

Over the next month or so, I will be planning, ordering, eagerly anticipating and installing a closet organizer from Closet Organizers USA!  And I will be taking you on the journey every step of the way!

I have shown you a little of the starting point – the totally unorganized closet we live with – and the next step is ordering our custom closet from Closet Organizers USA!  After we order it, I will take you through the delivery and installation of the closet organizer, and then show you the finished product!

I can’t wait to get started!

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**I will be receiving a closet organization system for review of the product and the process.  All opinions and writings are 100% mine and can not be duplicated or copied without prior permission.  Please see my full Privacy Policy/ Disclaimers page for more information.**