A week or so ago, I posted about our sad, disorganized, crammed master closet.   I told you that I had been to stores and found nothing that a) I could afford and b) I’d want to even spend my money on!

I started searching online and came across Closet Organizers USA.  I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful systems they had pictured and really, REALLY, wanted my closet to look the same. I signed up for an account and clicked Design Closet Organizer‘ to get started.  Though to use the system, you do not have to have an account!  Nice for those of us “window shopping”.  I could design my closet, or two, like I did,  and then organize it and reorganize it for hours… which I did.

I chose my type of closet, walk in or reach in, and then entered the closets measurements, in inches, and watched as the program popped up my closet!  And then it was time to design!  I chose my color of wood – we chose walnut, and my knob finish, oil rubbed bronze.  And then it was time to choose from the amazing assortment of pieces to put my closet together!

I had the options of drawers, shelving, hanging rods and so much more.  Plus, I could choose the size of my drawers, how many, how low I wanted the hanging rods, the width of the shelves and on an on.  My husband and I, literally, spend hours trying to design something we thought would make our lives a lot easier.  And make my closet less cluttered!

But, if you don’t want to design your own, you have the option to choose a preset layout for closets, bathrooms, panty’s and so on.  Just click and watch the organizer tool fill the walls for you!  So easy!

When we finally thought we had a good design we would like, I clicked on the closet accessories page.  WOW!  What an assortment of useful items to make our closet just that much more custom!  From tie racks to swivel mirrors, to sliding valet rods, Closet Organizers USA has something for every possible need we had!  Stay tuned to my master closet organizing posts because I will be giving away a 3 item organization kit that is valued at over $185!

Now that I had everything I thought we needed picked, I headed to check out and was thrilled to learn that ANY order placed online gets an automatic 15% off at check out!   That is pretty nice and would save us $341.04.  And with FREE Shipping on ALL orders shipped in the continental United States, the additional savings for this heavy item is evident.  AND.. because there is more, ALL orders placed on walnut closets now through August 30th are an additional 10% off!  That is just plain amazing!   That is 25% off any walnut organizer and free shipping!  W O W!

My Husband's Side

But what really sold me on Closet Organizers USA was the customer service.  I chose the “pay by phone” option and called 866-418-1328 and talked to a service rep.  He looked at my closet and asked if he could make some suggestions.  Of course, I jumped on that!

By the time he was done, our closet organizer looked like a professional put it together (because one did!).  It was symmetric, had even more storage options and Joe’s ideas and tips will make it even easier to install when we receive it.  He had an eye for what we needed without ever setting foot in our closet.  In addition, his passion for the product was completely apparent.  This was no “call center”, it was a person who knew what they were doing from a to z.  And when you are spending big bucks on big items, that is what you want!

My Side of the Closet

Why not join me in getting your closet organized?  Head over to Closet Organizers USA and start designing your dream closet!  You never know, with 15% off everything if ordered online, an additional 10% off walnut closets through August 30, 2011, and FREE Shipping, it might fit into your budget more than you thought!

Besides, installing a closet organizer can only increase the value of your home!

We are expecting our closet early next week!  I will post again about the delivery and getting it started!  When I do my final post, about the installation and completion, I will open the giveaway of closet accessories from Closet Organizers USA!  Get a head start on the giveaway and like Closet Organizers USA now on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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