This Saturday, my family and I were invited ot the Houston Zoo to check out TXU Energy’s Chill Out at the Houston Zoo!

We had so much fun, despite the scorching heat!

We were shuttled to the Chimpanzee exhibit where TXU had set up snowmen for the Chimps to play with.  The girls LOVED watching them poke at the snowmen and knock them over and then eat the pieces.  And then we were off to the snow hill where the kids made snowmen and cooled off digging in the ‘snow’.

After that, we headed around the Zoo with our complimentary TXU fans, stopped in at the TXU Cool Zone, got our fans marked and then turned them in for FREE Ice cream on our way out!

It was a lot of fun!

Check out our Day HERE!

With this heat wave, I would go early or late!  And if you go late, after 4pm, take this $4.00 OFF Coupon courtesy of TXU with you!!
Thank you #TXUMoms for the day out!  :)
**I received free admission for my family to the Houston Zoo as a thank you for posting about the event.**