It is so hard for me to believe that three years ago, May 31, I sat down on my little netbook and created  My first post was a rant about motherhood and it was followed by so many more.

Now, three years later, with over 3600 posts under my belt – yes… that number is scary to me too…  I am proud to say that this blog is now my career and the income from it supports my three daughters and I.  

how to blog

Through the years, so many people have asked me “how”.  How did you get started?  How do you grow?  How in the world do you make money writing on a computer?  They want me to tell them How to Blog.

I give my stock answers and I move on.  But last night, while at a friends, I was asked again and I thought it might be time to tell the whole story once and for all.

Three years ago I was a mom to three daughters 3 and under.  My now ex-husband worked 70 hours a week and on the weekends, worked on the major fixer upper house that we decided to move into.  I was alone, frustrated and facing the harsh reality that my marriage was failing and I had no one to really talk to.

I had a friend who used to listen to it all and she told me that day that I should start a blog.  Now, at the time, I had no idea what a blog was. I had never read one, had never really heard of them and had no clue what to do.  She told me it was a like an online journal and directed me to my old blog home (I do NOT recommend this platform – use WordPress.ORG).

I picked a name that described what I wanted to talk about and I was on my way.  And it was so therapeutic.

Writing on a daily basis about my most emotional motherhood moments, scary motherhood moments and funny motherhood moments changed my life.  I did not have many readers – like 20 a month, I think – but any response to anything lifted my spirits.  And, oddly, I finally found something for me again.  Something I could be proud of and call my own.

As time progressed and I wrote and wrote, I opened a Facebook Page and a Twitter account.  Pinterest, Instagram and all of those were not even around yet!

One day, I was approached by a reader who made hair bows to do my first giveaway.  I happily agreed and the pure thrill of rewarding a loyal reader a free prize was implanted.  I never pitched companies, I never went after anything, but when my inbox started slowly filling with review and giveaway opportunities, I was on my way!

But my turning point was the day I met Heather with  A powerhouse blogger, she and I hit it off and she taught me how to really blog.  She hired me to write for her for a little while and, in that time, I learned about Affiliates, Amazon and posts that people actually pay you to write.  Posts and products I would write about anyway that I actually got a check for.

And when I was told about Social Fabric, I was well on my way to this being a real business for me.  This fast growing company has taught me more about blogging than any other one source on the web.  And I am a PROUD member!

Though I have been afforded amazing opportunities with companies like Disney,  Chevrolet  and so many more, I still have so much more to learn.  I can never stop working or growing because the opportunities are endless if you put in the time, work together with others who have learned lessons you need to learn along the way, and build the best team around you that you can!

My host for years now is RFE Hosting and Aaron, the owner, is attentive, amazing and diligent.  My SEO man, Dan Morris is a powerhouse of information and helping me learn about the importance of getting my information out there correctly and Beth M, my Virtual Assistant is absolutely irreplaceable.   My moms who write reviews for you guys that are authentic, honest and thorough – Bonnie Y., Kerrie M, Sandi Lyn B – are AMAZING and a true source of inspiration for me.

My advice for those who blog, those who own small business and homemakers alike can best be summed up in the video below:

I hope you will continue to grow with me as we head into the future.  I will be talking more to you on my YouTube channel and trying to bring you the best of the best real life motherhood posts, the best product reviews and giveaways and continue to share any and all of what I am passionate about!

Here is to another awesome 3 years!

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