Well – I have a confession that will come to a total shock to all of you who have read my perfectly spelled, grammatically error free posts over time.

First, that was not my blog you were reading.

And secondly…  I am only human.

I did a post this morning that I got in an email from someone I knew telling me about a freebie for me and my readers.

Well, I am cheap as sin, so I jumped on it.  I had seen it on other blogs – much bigger and more refined blogs – and thought nothing of signing up to get my free plush pony.  After I signed up an ad popped up and I though, hmmm… interesting… but pushed my little red flag away.  After all, when I x’d the pop up, I  got a screen saying my pony, all cuddly and sweet, would be here in 14 – 21 days.

Excited and thrilled to have found a legitimate freebie, I posted it to all of my wonderful, trusting, readers.

Y’all attacked it and gave me superstar viewership for about 15 minutes.

And then….

a faithful Facebook follower told me that the same freebie had been posted last week and was deemed a scam by GimmieFreebies.com – a respected and well educated purveyer of honest freebies.

My heart sank, I started to sweat, and I thought, “Oh my gosh, what have I gotten my readers into?!?!?”

I immediately posted to GimmieFreebies Facebook page and she responded almost immediately that yes, it was, in fact a scam.  The ranch’s website had been hacked and the hacker was trying to get paid on the clicks they could get on their site through the ranch’s.

Aside from some really sad no pony getting readers, I do not think I did any permanent harm to you guys.

Except disappointing you.  And your kids.  And damaging my credibility with you.

But I do promise to be waaaaay more aware next time I sign up for something, see something unusual – like the pop up ad that took up my whole screen – and not post anything that I even think could be spam in any way.

And I apologize.  I certainly never meant to be dishonest or open anyone up to spam or negative impact!

So, lesson be learned.

Freebies should be from legitimate companies that have disclaimers and such all over them.  This one did not and I even thought – hmm – such a plain entry form??

And still I shared.

Freebies should not have pop up ads that come in after asking you to sign up to win a free iPad.

And still I shared.

There are sites – like GimmieFreebies.com that show what is a scam freebie.  I should check there first.

And still I shared.

Below is the scam just in case you see it elsewhere and want to share it with the blogger who has fallen hook, line, and sinker in love with the furry pony with the big brown eyes.

Hacker should not touch them.  It is just wrong.

The Evil Post



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Allow 14 – 21 days to receive if you get one!

I really do try to be as honest as I can on here.  Both in my personal posts and in my deals and giveaway posts.  I hope you will forgive my human error and trust that I am doing everything I possibly can to prevent this from ever happening again!

Thank you for your continued and loyal readership.