I had the great honor of heading to the Galleria in Houston, TX and seeing the newly renovated, brand spanking new Disney store last week!  And it is FANTASTIC!!

Disney has done it again.  They have created the perfect wonderland for parents and children alike!  The old store was great, but the new one is redone with no detail overseen.  A true interactive experience, the new store boasts a Disney Princess Castle with a magic mirror where a little princess can wave the wand of her favorite princess and see her come to life in the mirror!  My Megan thought this was great fun and we waved and waved every wand we could find!  Surrounding the castle are dresses, shoes, accessories and more that will turn your little girl into the perfect princess she already is!  

I dragged Megan away from the castle and around the amazing translucent trees and we made our way to the Disney-Pixar Cars neighborhood.  Stocked full of cars plush’s, clothing and more, any Cars fan will get lost in the wonderland of items to choose from! Megan pointed and laughed and, even though she is not terribly familiar with the Cars movies, she had fun just enjoying being a child!

I picked her up and delivered her to the amazing Disney Store Theater.  Tucked next to the 3 tiered Mickey and Friends Plush display, a child can color, watch clips from movies and play in this safe area in the back of the store.  I left Megan with the staff and went off to shop and mingle with other blogger and Disney employees.  

While talking I learned that the skyline of the store features replicas of historical and well know area in Houston and that they cleverly placed Disney characters outside them to tie them in.  Like a princess and her prince in the gardens outside Houston’s famous Haunted Mansion!  It is truly amazing the detail that is in this store.  From the glistening trees to the creative displays, this is truly a shopping experience for you and your children!

And the staff in this store?  Top knotch!  Their kindness and evident love for kids made this a fun and exciting trip for all of us!  See my whole trip here:

Help Disney celebrate the GRAND ReOpening of their fabulous Galleria store in Houston and come to the Grand Opening Saturday, November 5 starting at 10am!   It will be well worth the visit!

Join Disney by shopping at the new stores on opening day and they will donate 10% of the proceeds that day to the Make a Wish Foundation!

**I was an guest at the media tour of the new store.  I received a swag bag but no compensation for this post.  All writings and opinions are my own!**