I am a non compensated ambassador for the Houston Humane Society.  This post and plea to adopt Teddy is from my heart which has the imprints of doggy paws all over it!

Adopting pets is a subject near and dear to my heart.  Far too many great cats and dogs are euthanized every year for the simple reason that they were not adopted!  I can not live with that fact without trying to help!  All but one of my dogs in my lifetime have been found or adopted.  My most recent being sweet Piper, a 5 year old chocolate Beagle!

This summer, the Houston Humane Society has been chosen to participate in the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge.  From June 1 until August 31, the Houston Humane Society will be one of the 50 shelters in the nation participating in the challenge.  The Houston Humane Society is also challenging itself to break it’s own record and adopt out to good homes 1000 animals in the time span!

I am over the moon, excited and humbled and honored to be helping the Houston Humane Society meets its goal of getting animals out of shelters and into loving homes.

Meet Teddy!

Adopt Teddy

 “Hey there, Teddy here! I’m a 2 year-old terrier mix, and I love to play and be around other people and dogs! I’m in the project dog program and am learning all my manners so I can make the perfect new family member for you! I’m in basic obedience training where I’m is learning to walk on a leash, sit and stay! I’m ready to be your forever friend and side kick, so please take me home!”

To adopt Teddy, and any other animal, contact or visit the Houston Humane Society

Now, listen, I can’t look at this sweet face without tearing up a little.  I told you I have a massive soft spot for dogs.  But Teddy here reminds me of my own 11 year old saved pup, Bud.  That little fuzzy face, those happy ‘I’ll love you until the day I die with my whole heart and all of my paws!” look in his eyes and that playfulness that is seen even in photos makes me wish I could just go get him and bring him home now.

Adopt Teddy #100KChallenge

Now, I realize there is a lot of debate on how shelter dogs are as pets.  People worry about their temperament if they were mistreated, their overall health if they had a bad start and other things that are valid concerns.  Especially when bringing them into a family with other children and dogs.

I can tell you that all but one of my 8 or so dogs that I have had that were found or rescued, whether I kept them for my family or adopted them out, have been the best dogs ever!

Not only are they so lovable and almost grateful for the second chance, most of them come already fixed with their shots and preventatives up to date.  Mine even came with a microchip.  They are trained and taught to be well behaved, potty trained and loving like no other dog.  Plus, these older dogs in shelters are past that chewing and destroying stage and just want to have a place to eat, sleep and be loved and love where they are safe and happy and appreciated for the value they bring to a family.

In addition, the fees at shelters are significantly less than a puppy place and the initial start up costs are fun things like pretty beds and fun bowls instead of shots and surgery to fix the animal.

PLEASE, I implore you, take a chance on Teddy.  I have an 11 year old Terrier mix – seriously they look just alike- and he is the BEST dog on the planet!  He is healthy, fun, full of character and has never been a “crazy terrier” like people sometimes think!

If Teddy is not your perfect fit, then take some time to find another animal at the Houston Humane Society and make this your families best summer ever with an amazing pet that you know you got from your heart!

And to add some incentive, the person that adopts Teddy will get full mention and praise on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other place I can think to splash your awesomeness!!   My goal is to get him adopted in the next few weeks!  Surely you can help me spread this all of Houston so we can get him a new home!