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Hurricane Patricia is headed my way. I can see the rain building outside, the newscasters reporting every 5 minutes and power outages in her path. Having already torn through Mexico, Texas will get the remnants in the next few days. I am not terribly worried about my area except for one small fact. I have 19 trees on my property that are 100 years old or more. Any one of them falls from wind gusts or any other reason onto a power line or the house and I am in for a rough time ahead. Not only would it be a huge drain on my finances but it would be a massive undertaking alone. This is why I am so happy that I now have a Home Warranty courtesy of NRG Home Services. It is also why I took the time out of my day to learn more about a Backup Generator for my home.

How a Home Warranty Gives me Peace of Mind & Why to Consider a Backup Generator #NRG #Reliant #ReliantEnergy #NRGPowersMe

When Hurricane Ike came through these parts, my house was owned by someone else. But the neighbors tell me that trees fell everywhere and the neighborhood was without power for 2 weeks. Though I have a small generator in my garage, it will only power a few appliances and lights and will take a lot of portable gas to run for long. Backup generators are built right into your home, using the natural gas in your home and can power the whole house for weeks at a time! Here are some other facts about Backup Generators and how they can further your peace of mind.

How a Home Warranty Gives me Peace of Mind & Why to Consider a Backup Generator #NRG #Reliant #ReliantEnergy #NRGPowersMe

  • Get a FREE In-Home consultation
  • It is a turn-key system. You do nothing when the power goes out. The generator automatically turns on and you continue your powered life.
  • The generator comes on 8 seconds after your power goes out. When the power comes back on, it will shut off 30 seconds later.
  • You can get emergency financing through NRG Home Services if you need it. They have plans that go out 10 years to help those of us who need to make payments.
  • All installation, maintenance and any other services for your backup generator with NRG Home Services are in-house. They do not outsource any job and anyone who comes to your home is licensed.
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, they will work hard to make you happy!
  • Once your backup generator is installed, you have a 365 day price match guarantee. So if you find the same product for less, you will receive a refund for the difference.
  • The lifetime warranty is the best in the business. With the service plan your unit will be efficient and taken care of!

I am seriously considering an in home backup generator when I get propane run to this house. It really would make life a lot easier on me and my children should something take power down for weeks at a time again!

How a Home Warranty Gives me Peace of Mind & Why to Consider a Backup Generator #NRG #Reliant #ReliantEnergy #NRGPowersMe

As far as home warranties go, I am pretty excited to now have one! Most of us get one when we close on a house. I always thought that once that year was up, we could not warranty an old house. Well, mine is 30 years old and I am now protected on everything from the air conditioner to the plumbing! The cost is minimal, less than $35 a month, and the peace of mind is invaluable.

Protecting our kids and home is more than making sure our security cameras work. It is making sure we have the tools in place to keep our lives as calm as possible should something unusual happen. Check out all of the details on backup generators and home warranties on the NRG Home Services Website!

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