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High Rise Jeans, A Peasant Top and Earrings from Lucky Brand makes me feel pretty

Can I confess something here? I have no style. Like… none. Because I am a little rounder and a lot shorter, I have always thought that big name brand ‘fashion’ type clothes were not for my body type. So when I was approached to shop Lucky Brand’s high rise jeans, I was a bit skeptical. I am not a high rise jeans kind of girl. Much to my surprise, I found way more than high rise jeans and flair! In fact, I am so in love with the peasant top and two pairs of earrings that I purchased that I already have more in my shopping cart to get soon! Check out some of my wish list below!

High Rise Jeans, A Peasant Top and Earrings to Make Me Feel Pretty are at Lucky Brand!


High Rise Jeans, A Peasant Top and Earrings

The peasant top that makes me feel pretty

Lucky Brand ShirtGet It Here

I keep track of fashion trends on Facebook and Instagram and always think people dress better than I do. I have always wondered where they shop, to be honest. When I found this amazing peasant top on Lucky Brand’s , I wondered if I could pull it off.

Now that I have it, I could buy 10 more. The material is soft and feminine and I feel very pretty in it. Even with my curves, I think it lays beautifully and makes me look very stylish! Even my kids say they want me to save it for them and that is HUGE!



High Rise Jeans

High Rise JeansGet It Here

I have a hard time with jeans, I won’t lie. My short little legs and round waist make purchasing them online very hard. I have not ordered any – yet-  from Lucky Brands but I have several pairs in my cart. Now that I have received other clothing that fits to size and are exactly how the brand describes them online, I am more than willing to take the chance.

High Rise Jeans are a staple we all need. Meant to enhance the best parts of our bodies, there is a reason why high rise jeans are back in fashion and so popular with this brand that has been so successful in the denim market since 1990!



Shoes that make an outfit are important

Lucky Brand ShoesGet It Here

Shoes, shoes and more shoes are available for purchase on LuckyBrands.com! I flagged several sets of sandals and think that the right pair of shoes can make any outfit!

You will rarely find me in anything but flip flops so these stylish sandals are perfect for me. Even with jeans, I wear sandals so they might as well be pretty, right?

Check out their entire selection and get your feet dressed up for summer with quality style!


Earrings that dangle

Lucky EarringsGet It Here

I ordered two pairs of earrings from LuckyBrand.com because I just could not resist them. I probably spent more time looking at the beautiful jewelry than anything else.

I love high quality, unique pieces but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them.  I think that earrings can really frame a face and add to some serious style.

I chose two pairs of silver earrings and wear them almost every day now!



High Rise Jeans, A Peasant Top and Earrings are a thing of style

High Rise Jeans, A Peasant Top and Earrings are meant to be worn!

When was the last time you shopped at LuckyBrand.com? Take a moment to head over. I bet you will be as pleasantly surprised as I am to find quality items that work for you too!