For years now I have used Heinz Vinegar to clean my house.  Years ago someone told me about it and I have used it ever since.  I love it and am always stocked on it!  I run out of it fast!  So I am super excited to hear there is now a Heinz Cleaning Vinegar made especially for cleaning!

 Truth be told, I have been very aware of using chemicals in my home since my health scare this year.  Not because harsh chemicals caused it, but because I have just been wanting to be healthier overall.  And Vinegar is a healthy, non-toxic, alternative to harsh cleaners.

This weekend I headed to Walmart to pick up some groceries and other items and had Vinegar on my list!  I knew that it was located near the spices so I headed to that aisle.  And as I reached for my good ‘ole standby I noticed something new!  Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!  I picked up the bottle and was immediately impressed – and not just by the $2.28 price tag for a gallon!

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

This new Vinegar is 100% Natural!  YEA for my home and the environment!  Besides it being 100% natural, it is prediluted so that it is the perfect cleaning strength! So, I don’t have to dilute it myself!  One more step gone in my cleaning war with my house!

If you have never used Vinegar – or have refrained from using it because you may not like the odor – you might have your mind changed by this product.  The dilution seems to tame the odor just a bit but I’ll be honest, I really like the clean, fresh scent of Vinegar. I know it is clean!

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Here are some things I do with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar:

Clean your floors:  You do not even have to dilute this vinegar to get sparkly floors!  Just pour it in a bucket or sink and get to work.  It cleans even dried on fruit snacks off of my tile floors – don’t ask.  PLUS I love that my kids can run around barefoot and harmful chemicals are not transferred to their feet!

Heinz Vinegar

Clean your toilets:  We have hard water and inevitably get that yellow ring around the toilet very quickly.  So I pour some Heinz Cleaning Vinegar into the toilet, let it sit for about 10 minutes and then brush the stain away!  I also use it for toilet seats, the handle and all around.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Clean your Coffee Pot and Carafe:  If your like me you make your coffee in the morning, rinse the pot out the next morning and make some more.  Eventually you get that ugly brown stain on the inside of the pot.  So every once in a while, I pour my Heinz Cleaning Vinegar into the pot, swish it around, wipe with a soft cloth and watch the sparkle emerge.  And since Vinegar is indigestible, there are no worries about it on my dishes!   Use it, too, to clean the inside of your coffee maker.  Make a solution of half and half water and vinegar and run it through the pot.  Then run water through it a second time.  Watch as all of the gunk comes out!

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Clean your clogged shower heads:  Pour 1/4 Heinz Cleaning Vinegar into a sturdy plastic bag and the 3/4 cup water.  Rubber band the bag to the shower head and let it sit about 30 minutes.  Take it off and rinse!  That clogged with calcium shower head should be clean and spraying correctly again.  If not, use another baggie and repeat!

Clean your Grates and Grills: Use Heinz Cleaning Vinegar to clean grates and grills for your air conditioning units, exhaust fans and more!  Just wipe it directly on the surface and it will clean and help keep clean the surface too!

Heinz Vinegar

There are so many great ways to clean with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!  How do you use Vinegar in your home to clean the greener, safer way?  What ideas do you have?

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