NEW HedBandz Electronic is a family game made to entertain

It is the time of the year when we all get to stop a little and spend some time with family. It may be that it does not happen until Christmas Day for most of us busy moms, but it is coming! One of my absolute favorite things to do as a family is to play games. We all gather around the kitchen table, snacks on hand, and the fun begins! This year we will be adding a family favorite to the pile with an electronic twist! Hedbanz™ Electronic is a smash hit here and there is a very good reason why! It is FUN FUN FUN – and hysterical – and FUN! Personally, I love it because it makes kids really think!

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HedBandz Electronic will entertain for hours!

Hedbanz™ Electronic adds a fun twist to the family game that captured our attention a while back. In this newest version, which is so interactive and entertaining, the electronic host tracks the score, keeps the time and more. That way, everyone gets to play every round! You have to figure out the card on the headband but no more of one person having to sit out to do the hosting job. All of my kids can play at once which makes the game all that much more fun!

HedBandz Electronic comes with it's own electronic host!

So the premise is that each player put a card in their Hedbanz™ Electronic ‘headband’, and the others try to give clues so that they can guess what the card is before time runs out! Hedbanz™ Electronic is the fast-paced, team-based electronic version of the quick-question game of “What Am I?” Players pick a partner, put on a headband and grab a card. Players wear a “picture card” in their headband, and then quickly ask questions to figure out what they are. For example: “Am I food?” “Am I a vegetable?” “Am I ketchup?” If our partner can guess the card before the Electronic times goes off, they get a point!

Get your kids imagination going with HedBandz Electronic

There are three ways you can help a partner guess the card!

  1. Ask “Yes” or “No” questions – As talked about above, asking a question, like ‘Is it furry?’ can help guide your partner to the right answer in time!
  2. Describe It – You are allowed to tell your teammates what it looks like in description form!
  3. Act it out – this is the most fun one! Acting it out gets the kids up and active and laughing hysterically too!

Get those family memories in this holiday season with HedBandz Electronic

The girls and I set the game up in a matter of minutes and we were off. We just needed batteries to get the Hedbanz™ Electronic to go. Once that is done, the hours of fun begin! I snapped pictures as the electronic host handled the details and the kids played!

This is a DEFINITE must for anyone over the age of 7. I cannot wait for my brothers and their kids to come over at New Year’s so we can all play together!

Family time just got more fun with HedBandz Electronic

If you believe that family game night creates some of the best memories ever, like I do, pick up Hedbanz™ Electronic now and put it under your Christmas Tree! You will LOVE it!

How many nights a month do you have family game night? What are your family’s favorite games?

Le their imaginations soar with HedBandz Electronic

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