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He Named Me Malala is in Theaters 10/9/2015 #HeCalledMeMalala

I was sitting at my desk typing away with Ellen on in the background.  I stopped typing when I heard a young voice talking about education for girls, the empowerment that education brings and her charge to move on despite being shot in the head for her words. Malala Yousafzai is an 18 year old force to be reckoned with. A tiny girl with a huge message that you can not help but be moved by. There is a reason she received the Nobel Peace Prize! Now, on October 9, 2015, her true story, her message and her crusade will be in theaters for all of us to see! He Called Me Malala is going to be a movie that changes the way we see people, culture and education.

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I will admit, I did not know much about Malala, except for hearing about her being shot in the head by the Taliban for spreading her message on the world news. But now I sit here, having been one of the lucky ones who got to have a telephone interview with her last week, I can tell you that I am truly humbled and honored to be an unpaid ambassador to promote this film.

He Named Me Malala is in Theaters 10/9/2015 #HeCalledMeMalala

It all started when a father in Mingora, Pakistan looked at his baby daughter and decided she had more potential than his country allowed. At 11 years old she was a blogger for a BBC blog under the name Gul Makai. By 18 she was a recovering shooting victim, an inspiring activist, the reason for the MalalaFund.org, which works to guarantee 12 years of education for girls, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. All because she refuses to be silenced when it comes to talking about the need for education to all girls everywhere.

As I listened to her dedication and unwavering message of pushing through, surviving despite your enemies and her crusade to keep is going, I wanted to reach out and hug her. Sometimes, we as Americans take advantage of the fact that our girls get to get an education. As much as they want. While we are fighting to make pay for women equal, Malala is fighting to teach girls to read. To write. To know what it is like to be free to learn and be anything they want.

He Named Me Malala is in Theaters 10/9/2015 #HeCalledMeMalala

This powerful film hits theaters nationwide October 9, 2015. Grab your girl friends, purchase group tickets and make seeing this movie together a celebration of your freedom and a inspiring step to help others get the same!

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