Dali Decals, which has a FANTABULOUS Giveaway going on right now (please say A Day in Motherhood referred you), is giving the reader with the best pet photo a $50 gift certificate to their site TOO!

Dali Decals is a little late in celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day but they want to celebrate anyway!

SO, if you have a pet, and you love your pet, and you took your pet to work, or really wanted to, or don’t work but would if you could, send in a picture!

All of the nitty gritty details are right here!

Just log in to your Dali decals account, because I know you have one from entering the OTHER giveaway, and submit!  You will be instantly awarded 500 Dali Decal points and entered for a chance at $50!

Easy peasy!

**I have received no compensation or promoting this giveaway.**