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Are your kids back in school already? Mine have a week to go and we are prepping big time! We have done all of our back to school shopping and, as any smart mom knows, I started with Amazon. Amazon has everything we all need to have a HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR!!  From fashion to school supplies to electronics, I always start on Amazon. I am a Prime member and enjoy free shipping on most items and always get fast delivery too! With my mom brain on overload, I rely on Amazon to cover my misses.

Of course, customer always on their mind, they have all of the must have school items on one place! Just click HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR to be taken to the page!

Searching the page, here are the things my kids say they ‘have to have’ for Back to School this year!!

Katie: 8th Grade

Notebooks: ‘Mom, we never have enough notebooks and I need one for each class!‘ Luckily, Amazon has packs for under my budget that can get her the colors and the amount she needs!

Hoodies: Apparently, hoodies are ‘trendy’ and, therefore, must be on the list for all teenagers this year. 8th graders live in them and so must my daughter. I can stock up on Amazon without breaking the bank and know that if the size or style does not work in person, I can easily send it back!

Backpacks: The backpack makes the year. It is the accessory that she will carry every day and thus the one she will be identified with the most. So, she needs one that will be stylish. I need one that will last. Amazon has plenty that will work for us both!

Sarah: 6th Grade

Ruler: Yes, that was her first pick. Seems we left if off the list and it has been bothering her. Call it one of the items my mom brain forgot so, Amazon to the rescue!

Headphones: For computer class, for listening to her music on the bus, for playing the math game she loves on her phone, headphones are a must have for this 6th grader! There are a myriad of choices for a range of prices on the HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR page. From Bose to KidJamz!

Laptop: I have been searching for the best laptop for back to school for my kids. They have a hand me down from me but really need to upgrade for the new school year where they will be required to do presentations. Amazon has a lot of great choices that are not too terribly expensive!

Megan: 5th Grade

Snacks: Always thinking of snack time, Megan’s fave on the Amazon HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR page is, well, snacks. In bulk. Snacks for her lunch, for the bus and for after school. I can stock up on bulk items and still save money!

Mechanical Pencils: Though regular pencils have always been a mainstay of the school supplies list, my kids prefer mechanical pencils. So we stocked up with great deals and even refill lead. Which always seems to get lost the first week of school!

Dresses: This is my girlie girl so I definitely have to stock up on dresses! Megan has picked her fave’s. Which ones does your 5th graders love?

We could go on and on about the things we can find on Amazon that will help us have a HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR!