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Maria Botham has been the President and Founder of Hair Fairies for 13 years. She has a degree in Physiology from Long Beach University and has been an entrepreneur all of her adult life.  She has developed many companies and brings along the experience that comes with this  to each project she focuses on.  Maria is committed to understanding head lice and the problems it can pose.  Research and development in managing the head lice problem is a life a goal.  

Why Use Natural Lice Shampoo

The word lice can be scary for most people. Sure, while it isn’t something that we don’t want, we can thankfully be assured that there are great remedies out there that can get rid of it. With so many remedies readily available, it’s important to know which one will work the best for your scalp. Since more and more people are eying organic products, it’s important to know why you should stick with organics instead of those filled with harsh chemicals. Listed below are a few reasons why you should use products such as natural lice shampoo:


The problems with shampoos filled with chemicals is that a lot of people tend to be allergic to them. The main reason is due to the toxins that are in the ingredients. These toxins can cause irritation or even burn your eyes. Organic is the opposite of that. This makes it a great option for children who tend to get shampoo in their eyes but for those who have allergies.

Great Ingredients

Many flea shampoos are filled with toxins that contain sulfates, alcohol, antifreeze and even kerosene. This isn’t stuff that you want to wash fleas away with. Natural and organic shampoos will contain healthy vitamins, soy protein, rock salt and coconut oil. Not only are these ingredients natural, but they are great for your skin and scalp.


Studies have shown that people who use organic flea based shampoos tend to have less irritation and residue build up. This is not only great for children and adults with sensitive skin but for those who have residue left over after using harsher shampoo products. After you take a bath or shower, you no longer have to worry about the flaky skin or oily appearance afterwards.

Promotes Hair Growth

Natural lice shampoo shouldn’t only be for getting rid of fleas, but it should also be used for promoting healthy hair. Since your hair is one of the first things that people notice, you don’t want to just throw any chemical on it. Instead, what you should realize is that organic shampoos will get deep down into the follicles allowing them to grow naturally.

It Works

Organic shampoos work just like the other name brand shampoos on the shelf. The next time you pick up an organic bottle, you won’t notice many differences outside of the ingredients. They will cost about the same, they will have a great smell and you will be helping the environment. Since most organic shampoos are bio-degradable, you can be assured that your bottle won’t sit on a landfill for years to come. Choosing a shampoo that is right for you isn’t that hard. Just make sure that the bottle states that it’s organic, and make sure you avoid those harsh chemicals that aren’t designed for a human body. By taking your time to research, you should find one that washes away the fleas in no time.

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