I have talked before about my Houston Bloggers group that I belong to!  I love it.  The most amazing bloggers are in it and it is a resoource I appreciate daily!  One of our blogging members is Brenda of MealPlanningMagic.com!  I happily present this wonderful post from her to you!  I learned some things too!


Top 10 Fruits and Veggies of the Spring Season

By Brenda Thompson, Meal Planning Expert & POP Board Member for Produce For Kids


MangoLow in calories, high in fiber and vitamins like C and A, this is another fruit not to miss. The trick to cutting up this fruit is to learn how to work around the seed and cut the fleshy fruit around it. We like to use mango in smoothies on the go or in quesadillas with cream cheese and chopped roasted poblano peppers—a unique blend of flavors!

Pineapple: These sweet and juicy yellow fruits are enjoyed simply cut up as an after school snack or any time you need a sweet treat. When purchasing pineapple, look for green fruits that have a little orange or red on the bottom then allow it to fully ripen at home. It should be firm with no bruises or soft spot and have a sweet aroma. A fun way to serve this fruit is with other cut up fruit, threaded onto a stick for a fruit kebab!

Strawberries: Warmer climates begin to see these red beauties popping up in gardens and markets in early spring.  Enjoyed on their own, this fruit travels well. This versatile fruit is delicious in baked goods, sliced onto salads, made into jam or even as a salsa. Keep strawberries from ripening by washing only right before you’re ready to eat them.


ArtichokesPacking a powerful punch, this powerhouse vegetable contains many essential nutrients for a healthy body including Vitamins Cand K, potassium, folate and magnesium. Not as difficult to prepare as they may seem, they do require a bit of prep time but have a delicious pay off. They can be enjoyed simply steamed and eaten plain or cooked and marinated and used in salads.

AsparagusHigh in folate, an anti-inflammatory, and other vitamins this vegetable is one of my favorites of spring! The delicate stems can be prepared a variety of ways. Whether steamed, grilled or blanched, they make a great addition to any holiday plate or as great cold finger food on the go.

Broccoli: Another nutrition powerhouse full of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients, this vegetable can be prepared simply, roasting in a little olive oil and garlic is quick and easy. Or chop it up, add some sunflower seeds or toasted chopped nuts, raisins and a light dressing, andyou’ve got a delicious side salad great for picnics.

Lettuce: Lettuces are often available year-round in most areas, but spring is their peak season and you can taste the difference. The tender leaves are perfect for fresh salads any time or use in wraps and sandwiches to take out to the ball fields. Lettuce provides essential fiber our bodies need to stay healthy. Choose lettuce with dark leaves for the most nutritional benefit.

Peas: The taste of fresh peas just out of the garden seems to shout spring! Their slightly sweet flavor and crunchiness are delicious. Filled with antioxidants, fresh peas can be tossed in salads, included in stir fries or steamed and enjoyed as a side for many meals.

Rhubarb: Often considered a fruit, rhubarb is actually a vegetable. Full of antioxidants it is naturally tart so is usually paired with sweet fruitslike strawberries, apples or peaches, often in baked goods. Easy to grow and prepare, it’s a must-try for everyone!

Spinach: Spinach is such a versatile vegetable! Loaded with Vitamin K and high in many other vitamins plus fiber, this mild tasting green is easy to add to salads, soups or casseroles. We even like to add fresh spinach to our smoothies for an extra nutrition boost (and I promise, you probably won’t even taste it!)

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After the birth of her first child, Brenda realized time in the kitchen was hard to come by and meal planning was a must. Brenda is a Meal Planning Expert and a member of the Produce for Kids, POP (Parent on Produce) Board.  Brenda contributes tips on advice to family looking for quick, easy and healthy meals for their families.  As a foodie at heart, Brenda is the creator of the Meal Planning Magic blog, designed to assist busy parents in healthy meal planning.

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