**I am posting this in sponsorship with Brand X. I do not know the name and opinions are my own!**

This contest is just too fun not to share with you! I, personally, have no idea who this brand is but have a few guesses! But this is the most fun and creative way for a company to break into advertising that I have ever seen! Do you think you can guess What Brand is It?

Guess Who Brand X Is, Collect Part of $50,000 in Prizes

The basics are: Follow the What brand Is it Facebook page for daily clues. Guess the brand and you could WIN one of 50 prizes of $500 OR the Grand Prize of $25,000!  You get 3 DAILY guesses. All you do is go to the Which Brand Is It website and enter your email and name and then guess!

Here are some clues and more info below:

What brand was born a bakers dozen of years ago, is still privately owned by a single individual, serves millions of people each day, in almost every country, brings people together and has successfully become a household name without ever making big spends on advertising – until now?

Well, we’d tell you, but then we’d have to…make you sign an NDA – and you wouldn’t be eligible for the 30-day sweepstakes starting Oct. 21st where people have the chance to win one of 51 cash prizes from the $50,000 the brand is giving away to people who successfully guess the brand.

How’s that for advertising without advertising?

We think it’s pretty spectacular. And historic. Did you know this is the first time a brand has ever done an ad campaign– without even mentioning their brand name?!

Guess Who Brand X Is, Collect Part of $50,000 in Prizes

Over the course of 30 days, this brand we’ll call Brand X will be releasing clue-laced videos on YouTube (www.youtube.com/WhatBrandIsIt) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/WhatBrandIsIt) that will get progressively more obvious.

Brand X will also be dropping clues on Twitter (@WhatBrandIsIt) and Instagram: WhatBrandIsIt as well as via Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show. Howard will start peppering his show with clues live the week of Oct. 27 and give the final clue of the contest within three days of its conclusion.

Once registered for the sweepstakes, everyone has the opportunity to make three guesses each day. On November 21st, 1 person who’s guessed the brand correctly will win $25,000 and 50 other people randomly selected from those who guess the brand correctly will win $500 each.

So can you guess who it is? Guess away and enjoy this amazingly fun game!

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