Sometimes companies surprise me.  Much as my children do.  And when I am surprised, I love to share it with you.

Green Giant Veggie Chips #AGiantSurprise

Like the fact that my children can accomplish something I rarely can.  Doing two things at once.  Just check out their collective hidden talent of being able to swing and sing at the same time!

OK, so it is possible that lots of kids can do that but I still think they are pretty darn talented!

In any event.  Green Giant – yes, the veggie people, have come up with some BIG surprises just for us.  Like, did you ever think you would find them on the chip aisle?

Yes – busting at the seams happy to let you know that you can now get the awesome tasting Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips in Zesty Cheddar AND Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips in Sea Salt AND the regular Sweet Potato Chips, too.  Don’t ask me my favorite.  In the 2 nights it has taken for my to complete this post – computer issues (Grrrr) – I have eaten one bag a night.

What?  They are good!  Don’t judge until you try them!

They are crisp, flavorful and sitting right here!  I blame Green Giant!  I like the Cheddar.  I mean the Sea Salt.  I mean the Cheddar.


Check out the ‘stats’ on the healthier chips for you!

  • The Green Giant™ Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – Zesty Cheddar Flavor are made with real vegetables, 17 grams of whole grain per serving (48g are recommended daily), and are naturally flavored.
  • The Green Giant™ Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips – Sea Salt Flavor are made with real sweet potatoes and made with 14 grams of whole grain. Plus, they contains 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips*!
  • *Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips (6g per 28g serving) have 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips (10g per 28g serving).

Green Giant Veggie Chips #AGiantSurprise

YOU can have some fun with Green Giant and their new Veggie Chips too!  Head over to their Facebook page and learn a little about people’s hidden talents!  There are some seriously talented people out there, guys!  And if you are one, your should submit yours too!  Green Giant is featuring the most talented peeps on their page (which is HUGE!).  So you could be discovered, get your own show, be rich and then be obligated to give me 10%.

OK, maybe not but anyone who has some talent should still show it off!  You can check out even more talented folks on the Green Giant YouTube channel too!

While you are on the Facebook page, make sure you check out the One GIANT Pledge where a veggie a day makes a happy people!  You can get fun tips, track your veggie intake and more!

So now you know. My kids can sing and swing, you can get NEW (and yummy) Veggie Chips from Green Giant and you can submit your talent and track your veggie intake!  How fun is that?

OH!  And get a $.75 cent OFF coupon for the Veggie Chips on the Green Giant Facebook page too!


**I received the products as a Clever Girls Collective Blogger.  Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent  All opinions and wirtings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**