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It is time.  Time to give my 3, 5 and 6 year old daughter’s the option to start sleeping through the night without accidents.  Now, I am firm believer that kids night train on their own and when they are ready to.  And fans on my Facebook page tend to agree but also have some great advice, too.

In my endevor, I noticed a lot of people talking about bed pads for kids. So I took my $1.50 off coupon and headed to Target for GoodNights Bed Mats and GoodNights Bedtime Underwear!

goodnights bed mats

Now, personally, I don’t see a thing wrong with kids wearing protective underwear to sleep.  Sure, all of my friends kids, for the most part, were trained day and night at 4 or earlier.  My kids day potty trained easily but the night training has not been so easy.  My kids have always had milk right before bed. I have listened to the lectures, know the consequences of doing it and even know better.  But I have three little kids and it has worked for years.

So, my first task was to wean my kids off of the night time milk.  Surprisingly, it was not that hard.  I just, simply, did not give it to them.  I got some protests.  They took a little longer to settle down.  But, over all in the grand scheme of things, it was fairly painless.

My next task was to get the products I needed to help me help them have the option of sleeping in big girl underwear.

I made a HUGE deal about taking them to Target to get the GoodNights products that I wanted.  I even had my oldest climb up – with my help, of course – and get the last package of GoodNights Bed Mats tucked all the way in the back.  Clearly, the word gets around fast about good products!

goodnights at target

We also picked up a package of the GoodNights Bedtime Underwear.  Though we have exclusively used other pull on diapers for year, I wanted to see if these thinner, more like underwear pull ons would feel more like underwear and give the girls the confidence to move up to real underwear.

I talked BIG about the changes that were coming for the girls.  No more milk at bedtime, making sure we go potty before bed and “empty our balloon” and the fact that Mommy will be waking them at night to go potty to try to help them understand when their little bodies need to go.

That first night, we did GREAT!  The girls went to bed without any liquids – I cut them off about an hour before, not wanting to dehydrate them through the night – and I woke each of them twice through the night.

GoodNights at Target

Truth be told, they all went in their betime underwear once.  But they did not leak and the bed mats were there if they had.  All three girls woke up with big grins because, even though they went once, it was a lot less than usual and they all felt like big girls.

The next night and the one after, they were at their dad’s, so now I have to start over.  But I think with the GoodNights products on my side, I can get these girls sleeping in big girl panties in no time.  But with a bed mat under their sheets just in case!

Pick up your GoodNights products at Target and don’t forget your coupons!

GoodNights at Target

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign withPollinate Media Group™ and GoodNites, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BetterNights All opinions are my own. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.