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It is no secret that I have battled to get my kids to a place where they can sleep through the night without wetting or needing a pad or diaper to prevent accidents. With three close in age, it is proving harder than I thought.

We have, for many months now, done the wake up thing in the middle of the night where I help them get up and go to the bathroom. But if I fall asleep or forget, they have an accident. And changing sheets all nigth long is not my idea of a good time. Plus, the girls are embarrassed that they wet.

Luckily, there are GoodNites Bedtime Underwear to help them gain confidence! Created for little ones ages 4 and up, these underwear are made to absorb and protect while a child is laying down. They are soft, comfortable and can easily be hidden under pajamas and such if your child needs them for a sleepover.

My girls have been wearing them for a while now and we don’t have issues with leaking or the embarrassment of ‘diapers’.

Goodnites wants to enlist you and your child to take part in the Undercover Mission. Just join them on their GoodNites Facebook page and get all of the details! Use code 8675 to enter ‘Mission Control’ and start the change of bedtime accidents to bedtime peace!  Get advice and talk to parents in the same spot you are too!  The page has so much to offer!

Do you have kids that are struggling to stay dry all night? Check out Goodnites and their specially designed bedtime underwear that can help build confidence in a matter of nights!

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